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Friday Night Funkin’, what the heck is it? I’m glad you asked. Friday Night Funkin’ is a rhythm game developed by four very dedicated Newgrounds users in October of 2020. Once the game hit the ‘net, it exploded in popularity and quickly became one of the most played games Newgrounds in it’s entirety. What’s the point of FNF? Well, you play as a little dude named ‘Boyfriend’, and compete in a rhythm karaoke battle with the games various antagonists.

Don’t let that introduction fool you into thinking that the game is overly-simple, a rhythm game in itself is not enough to garner the attention of basically the entire internet, no. The game is addictive, and charming to boot. The songs are catchy, the characters are cute, and the game-play is very “moreish”. That is, once you give into the current craze and play your first song on Friday Night Funkin’, you’ll quickly become enraptured in the vibe, and be bobbing your head away into your hundredth attempt.

Friday Night Funkin' | Know Your Meme

As for the gameplay, well, it is as easy as following what you opponent does, and timing it well enough to outdo their score. Whilst that might seem simply, the game ramps up the difficulty as you progress with more complex rhythm patters, and songs with a faster beat. So, Friday Night Funkin’ falls into that timeless video game space of: ‘easy to learn, hard to master’.

Our site is chocked full of Friday Night Funkin’ content, and we’re always adding more. So, if you’re looking for a hub for all your favourite guides through mods, news about the game, and just general gameplay. Then check out the blog, and you’re sure to find something to your taste on FNF.

We’d be remiss talking about Friday Night Funkin’ without talking about the modding community, because this game has a huge following when it comes to mods. They provide some longevity to the experience you’ll have with FNF, and they can augment your play to enhance the fun, and throw you into quite wacky scenarios.

Friday Night Moddin' - The Best Mods for Friday Night Funkin' and How to  Get Started | Tips | Prima Games

As such, we thought we’d provide a hub for all our Friday Night Funkin’ mod content, so that you can find exactly what you’re looking for, check it out before you download, and get a scope for what you can expect. This is MGN’s Friday Night Funkin’: Everything You Need Hub.

Friday Night Funkin’ – All Mods and Downloads

1. Friday Night Funkin’ – Zardy Foolhardy

In this episode, Bijuu Mike finally takes on the hardest mod in Friday Night Funkin’ – The Zardy Foolhardy mod!

Download V.S. Zardy Foolhard mod here:

2. Friday Night Funkin’ – Tricky Mod

The Tricky mod, per its download page, had a lot of mod developers work on it, including Rozebud, KadeDev, Cval, and others. This mod has two tracks and it has a dude with a scary mask on. How good is that? Oh, and the mod has cutscenes where most mods don’t have them, nice!

Download The Tricky Mod here:

3. VS Cassandra Friday Night Funkin Mod:

In this mod, Boyfriend is given a serious warning from Cassandra about dating girlfriend. Turns out that Cassandra is her SISTER and she doesn’t have a lot of nice things to say about girlfriend. You will be forced to battle rap her and her alter ego once that looks like a giant alien with a moustache. Proceed with caution!

Download Mod here:


In the VS Brightside Friday Night Funkin‘ mod, there are 3 tracks plus a secret track (more on that later). The first track is Saving Face, the second track is Parasitic Routine, and the third and final track is Reign Of Apathy.

VS Brightside is a mode made by CeramicSkinStudios and Nebula_Zorua in particular. VS Brightside is a mod which adds a whole new week with 4 songs, 2 new characters, full animated cutscenes, and based on KadeEngine, with its own modifications including a counter for ratings and your highest combo.

Download the VS Brightside Download Mod here:

5. Friday Night Funkin’ – Golf Minigame

FRIDAY NIGHT FUNKIN' by Fluffy Marshmallow

I bet you weren’t thinking Golf would be coming to FnF! Well, guess again – your girlfriend wants you to pull out your driver and get your funk on. This mode is unique as it has two songs with a golf mini-game featuring the one and only Miku.

Download Golf Minigame ft. Miku here:

6. Friday Night Funkin – Static Memories

The FNF Static Memories mod is a little darker than most mods.

It starts off with a talking heartbeat monitor that greets you in the hospital. The monitor is named “Beepy” (of course!) and he’s there to ensure you feel better and (hopefully) cheer you up. Oh, and your Doctor is none other than DOCTOR SENPAI.

Download Friday Night Funkin’ Static Memories Mod here:

7. V.S. Stan – Nightmare Cops

Friday Night Funkin’ Week five had three rather interesting background characters donning strange red glasses. Well, good news, as they now have a starring role in a mod of their own! Hopefully this mod will bring a little more awareness to Stan and his crew.

Download V.S. Stan – Nightmare Cops here:

8. Friday Night Funkin’ – Date With Girlfriend Mod

Unlike most Friday Night Funkin’ Mods, the Date with GF mod does not have an elaborate back story or an ill meaning antagonist to deal with. This one is far more chill, as it is literally about you and your girlfriend chilling after a long day. That’s it! It has three songs and it is a full week mod.

Download Date with Girlfriend mod here:

9. Friday Night Funkin’ – V.S. Melty (Full Week).

This is one of the darker FnF mods so be forewarned. You meet up with a rather scary looking “ice-cream demon” named Melty that has the ability to shift through dimensions at will. He also plays for keeps.

Download V.S. Melty mod here:

10. Friday Night Funkin’ – Smoke ‘Em Out VS Garcello Mod

The boyfriend and girlfriend notice a strange glow coming from an alley way… Smoke ‘Em Out Struggle is an original full week mod. You face off against a man named Garcello. He wants to apply peer pressure to boyfriend to get him to smoke a very strange cigarette (smoking is bad people!). If you see a guy like Garcello in an alleyway, stay away from him!

Friday Night Moddin' - The Best Mods for Friday Night Funkin' and How to  Get Started | Tips | Prima Games

Download Smoke ’em Out Struggle Mod here:

11. Friday Night Funkin’ – V.S. Trollface / TrollGe

Trollface is nearly as old as the internet and it is only right and proper that he makes an appearance in Friday Night Funkin’. In this mod, Daddy Dearest isn’t happy (yet) that boyfriend is with his daughter, and well, he sends them to another dimension (as you do). This dimension is filled with all kinds of memes, with Trollface being front and centre. Defeat him in a rap battle to get back to your dimension!

Download VS Trollface / Trollge mod here:

12. Friday Night Funkin’ – The Blueballs Incident

Are you ready for some heavy trollling and a bad case of blueballs? Well, in this mod, you get both. Derpina has a special mission for you ready to go, agent blueballs.

Download Agent Blueballs FnF mod here:

13. Friday Night Funkin’ THICC Sarvente’s Mid-Fight Masses

You get to meet Selever – a rather annoying little brat. Oh, and Selever knows what you did to his Mom and Dad, and he’s not too happy about it. You’ll also get to meet a very cute nun that really wants you to go to church with her. It also introduces the ‘Alt-Mode’ difficulty setting that allows you to increase the difficulty as you see fit.

Download the THICC Sarvente Mod here:

14. Monika Full Week Mod – Fnf

Monika from the Doki Doki literature club wants to engage in a rap battle – are you ready? Senpai also shows up in all his blurry pixelated goodness. Get ready to battle!

Download the Monika full week mod here:

15. FNF Vs Knight Mod

Daddy Dearest isn’t through with boyfriend, and in the Vs Knight mod – he sends him to an alternate place and time. A time when Knights do battle, both war related and battle rap related. In this mod, one of the Knights has a secret – he’s the Knight from Castle Crashers! He wants to win royal favor and become a royal knight by beating you in a rap battle.


10 Things You Need To Know Before Starting Friday Night Funkin'

This mod probably has the most dialogue of all. Seriously, they never stop talking. Also, you get to do battle with Mommy Mearest on a highway, how awesome is that? Get ready to throw down and impress the parents!

Download Friday Night Funkin’ Week 4 (updated) here:

17. Friday Night Divorcin’ FULL Week

All is not well between Mommy and Daddy. Turns out Mommy Mearest wants to divorce Daddy Dearest as well as take their daughter and Daddy is having none of it. Watch as Girlfriends parents do musical battle at the courthouse and other locations.

Download Friday Night Divorcin’ mod here:

18. Friday Night Funkin’ – Vs. Banjo and Kazooie

Are you ready to go back to the late 90’s? Well, with the new VS. Banjo vs. Kazooie mod for Friday Night Funkin’ you can! The art, the music, the graphics – everything in this mod screams out 1998! This mod is still in demo mode however it is very fun and very playable in its current state!

Download the V.S. Banjo and Kazooie Mod here:

19. Friday Night Funkin’ – Literally Every Fnf Mod Ever

Very scary. How scary? The people over at Gamebanana (where you can download the mod) state up front that some of the visuals contain flashes and jump-scares. Players that have epilepsy be advised. Oh, and this mod has a fart sound effect you can keep using – so there’s that.

Download the Literally Every Friday Night Funkin’ Mod (Vs Bob Week) here:

20. Friday Night Funkin’ – VS Sketchy Remastered

Every artists worst nightmare – what happens if a drawing comes to life? Sketchy makes his presence felt in the VS Sketchy mod and you’ll need to bring your A game to beat him.

Download the VS Sketchy Remastered Mod here:

21. VS Rosie Pick N’ Pluck – MOD

I hope you’re not afraid of a little elf girl with a pink gun! Well, either way, you should be, because she is playing for keeps. Get ready to battle Rosie in an epic rap battle.

Download Vs Rosie Pick N’ Pluck mod here:

22. Friday Night Funkin’ V.S. AGOTI Full Week – MOD Showcase

Are you ready to take on Agoti in Friday Night Funkin’? Agoti is a former rapper / singer who recently disappeared. You and Girlfriend will have to battle your way out of the alley. Get ready to take on Agoti and his tight bars. The mod has three levels of difficult, noob, expert, and insane. A.G.O.T.I hasn’t seen too many people of late, and you’re going to need to bring your best insults and your “A” game to beat him.

Kickstarter launched for Friday Night Funkin' – 100 Mile House Free Press

Download V.S. A.G.O.T.I. full week mod here:

23. Friday Night Funkin’ Mod SKID & PUMP VS EVIL PICO DAY 3!!!

Blantados has done it again! Skid & Pump is the most iconic Friday Night Funkin’ duo since Kid ‘n Play from the 90’s. Okay, that’s a bit of a stretch, but hey.

Download the Skid & Pump Vs. Evil Pico Day 3 mod here:

24. Vulture Culture Full Week – VS Avenue Mod

Get ready to battle rap Avenue in a run down, seedy bar. If battle rapping a Vulture holding a baseball bat is on your to do list, this is the mod for you!

Download Vs Avenue – Vulture Culture mod here:

25. Fine Night Funkout: VS Clippy

If engaging in an epic battle rap with the paper clip from Microsoft’s old MS Word and Office assistant is on your to do list, this is the mod for you. Throw down against Clippy!

Download V.S. Clippy mod here: Fine Night Funkout: VS Clippy

26. FNF ROBLOX Youtubers Mod

Checkout Flamingo as he plays through the Roblox Youtubers Friday Night Funkin’ Mod. Have you ever wondered what Cleetus playing Dad would be like? Wonder no more! Oh, and Flamingo should definitely have been an original FnF Character! Oh, and what’s up with Albert?

Download FnF Roblox Youtubers Mod here:

27. FnF – Gospel But Everytime It is Sarvente’s Turn A Different Skin Mod

Have you ever wondered what Friday Night Funkin’ would be like if a little Gospel music was injected into the game? Well, in this video, we have the answer. The bonus song this week is “Gospel”, and it comes from the updated Sarvente’s Mid-Fight Masses Mod.

Download Sarvente’s Mid-Fight Masses mod here:

28. Friday Night Funkin’ – Hololive Funkin’ [Coco Update]

Are you ready to get your funk on with Coco Aloe? Get ready to engage in epic rap battles!

Download Hololive Funkin’ here:

29. Friday Night Funkin’ but GF Sings “Winter Horrorland” – Crazy Gf Mod

This FnF mod was made on a character (given to us by PhantomArcade) for Week 5’s Winter Horrorland. The girlfriend’s vocals are on point this in this mod, especially her note poses! Gf does have a knife though, so… And she is crazy (is there any other kind)?

Download Crazy GF Vocaloid mod:

30. VS. Ambion Mod

Ambion has a Twinkie and no pants. She wants to rap battle you for candy, and you better bring the big guns.

Download the V.S. Ambion Mod here:

31. Friday Night Funkin’ – V.S. NekoFreak – FnF Mods – Full Week

The V.S. NekoFreak Friday Night Funkin’ mod takes place a few months before boyfriend and girlfriend meet up. Turns out BF was active in the dating market for a few weeks and was on an app called “Qinder”. Turns out he matched with an interesting girl named “Neko Freak” and well, let’s just say things got pretty weird.

Download the V.S. Nekofreak mod here:

32. Boyfriend Meet’s Girlfriend’s EX BOYFRIEND?! | Friday Night Funkin’

Ever wondered who girlfriend dated before she met boyfriend? Well, you’re about to find out. BF heads over to GF’s uncle’s restaurant and guess who shows up? Yep. It’s her ex-boyfriend – T.A.B.I.

Download the V.S. T.A.B.I. Ex-boyfriend Mod here:

33. Friday Night Funkin’ – VS Bob REMASTERED – Ballistic mode

Are you ready for another Friday Night Funkin’ VS Bob Remaster? Well, in this full week mod, enjoy the 2160p Ultra HD and some very epic cut scenes.

Download VS Bob Remastered –

34. V.S. Bob and Bosip – Full week Mod

Bob and Bosip Bosip and Bob are buddies and they want to play Minecraft together, as you do. Get ready to fight your way out of Fnf and into Minecraft!

Download V.S. Bob and Bosip FULL WEEK mod here:

35. Friday Night Funkin’ – V.S. Shaggy & Matt FULL WEEK

The hardest boss & the most powerful entity are joining forces to bring you one of the most challenging experiences in Friday Night Funkin’!

Download V.S Shaggy and Matt Full week here:

36. VS Sunday – Remastered

Are you a decent vocalist? Got a great site of pipes? Well, good news – Sunday is looking for a replacement vocalist for her fancy band! Warning, this is a very flash app, if you don’t like flashing lights or have a medical condition you will want to avoid this Friday Night Funkin’ mod.

Download VS Sunday Remastered mod here:

37. Vs Flippy FNF Mod

One night boyfriend and girlfriend decide to head out in search of trouble and well, Flippy is ready to bring it. He’s a foul mouthed killer that plays to win!

Download Vs Flippy Mod here:

38. Friday Night Funkin’ But Shaggy Is Here – V.S. Shaggy

Well Friday Night Funkin’ Fans, it finally happened! The most powerful being in the universe has come to FNF and he only needs to use .001% of his powers! You know who I’m talking about… SHAGGY! Shaggy from Scooby Doo has entered the rap arena and wants to do battle with boyfriend!

Download the V.S. Shaggy Full Week mod here:

39. Friday Night Funkin’ – V.S. Pig FNF MOD – FULL WEEK

Hello Friday Night Funkin’ Fans, are you ready to take on the notorious P.I.G.? I hope so, because he wants to jump into the rap battle ring and do battle with you. Get ready, because bad piggies come to FnF! Oh, the dialogue between boyfriend and PIG makes no sense, as they don’t understand each other.

Download V.S. PIG mod here:

40. Friday Night Funkin’ – Versus Lizbert Mod

Lizbert is an intrepid explorer chilling on Snaktooth Island. She’s also not as nice as she looks, as she puts girlfriend in danger, and you have to save her with your battle rap acumen!

Download V.S. Lizbert here:

41. Weegeepie: Luigi MOD Friday Night Funkin’ – update release [HARD]

Luigi comes to Friday Night Funkin’! That’s right, the one only plumber in green is ready to do battle. Interestingly, Luigi does battle with Daddy Dearest instead of taking on Boyfriend. Make of that information what you will. Also, is there a better moustache on a video game character? Luigi rocks the stache’ like a champ. Oh, and the song slaps way harder than it should.

Download the Weegeepie: Luigi Mod here:

42. Friday Night Funkin’ But Impostor Killed Gf – V.S Imposter V2

Girlfriend getting shot FOR NO REASON by the Red guy in Among us? Check. Get an up close look at the nastiest toes in FnF? Check. Boyfriend needs to avenge her death! Oh ya, and she still “bops” even as a ghost. Even her legs continue to bop while she’s in Demon form. Strange.

Download the V.S. Impostor 2 mod here:

43. Friday Night Funkin’ – The Full-Ass Tricky Mod aka Tricky Phase 3

Tricky 2 aka “Phase 3” has it’s own unique menu, as well as 3 levels of difficulty. There are two modes it appears, Clown and Freeplay mode. This could be the hardest FnF mod ever made.

Download the Full-Ass Tricky mod here:

44. Friday Night Funkin’ – VS Fruit Medley Mod

The Fruit Medley crew know boyfriend is a legend! When bf meets with them, they greet him enthusiastically – but then they poke fun at him and his diminutive size.

Download VS Fruit Medley mod here:

45. FnF – Vs Sunday Remastered Mod

In the VS Sunday remastered mod you can transform arrow keys into Guitar Hero buttons. Get ready to battle rap Sunday!

Download VS Sunday Remastered Mod here:

46. Friday Night Funkin’ – Big DADA Mod

Boyfriends Dad makes an appearance, and he’s packing a golden gun. Rap battle against him and show your Daddy who’s boss!

Download Big Dada – Boyfriends Dad mod here:

47. VS. Bob 2.0 – Bob’s Onslaught

Bob is real upset, and we’re not sure why. He’s bringing the heat in this upgraded Bob 2.0 mod.

Download VS Bob 2.0 – Bob’s Onslaught here:

48. Friday Night Funkin’ – V.S. Nonsense – Mod

Download VS Nonsense mod here:

49. VS Big Brother Mod

Download VS Big Brother Mod here: –

50. Friday Night Funkin’ – Vs NekoFreak – Remastered MOD

Download the VS NekoFreak REMASTERED mod here:

51. The Date Week Mod – Carol and Whitty

Play as Whitty in this fun mod. Woo Carol, sing songs to her, and even go on an electric dance tour with her in song 3!

Download The Date Week – Whitty and Carol mod here:

52. FRIDAY NIGHT FUNKIN’ HD – Week 5 Update

What a great mod! Week 5 is finally here and there are lots of updates.

Download the here:

53. Friday Night Funkin’ – Ugh – But Everytime it’s Tankman – Different Skin Mod and Cover

Here’s what happens when you combine a number of high effort “ugh” songs. It seems that the entire FnF community wants to hear every character sing “ugh” and well, here’s a contribution to it.

54. Top 5 Ugh Covers – Friday Night Funkin’

Here are the five best Friday Night Funkin’ ugh covers according to Arena Closer. The first mod worth considering is Selever sings Ugh. The second, Jeffy. Jeffy has a very strange looking face and he brings a weapon to the rap battle, but that is to be expected. Third is Ugh but it’s Senpai vs. Tankman, the fourth is Whitty, and the fifth is the Ugh Mod.

55. Friday Night Funkin’ but Pufferfish Sings “Ugh”

Have you ever wondered what a Friday Night Funkin’ video featuring Pufferfish saying “ugh” would look like? Well, wonder no longer, as Kiza Gameplays has delivered the goods. The pufferfish mod is loosely inspired by “Pufferfish Carrot”. You will note that boyfriend, girlfriend, and everyone else in the video is literally “Pufferfish”. Get ready to feed puffer a carrot!

56. Friday Night Funkin short animation thingy

TheShookKitty has done it again! Check out the new animation featuring Boyfriend, Girlfriend, and everyone’s favorite character Pico! Pico looks like a tired man just waking up from a long nap, and that’s okay! Also, have you ever seen someone close ALL tabs as fast as girlfriend does in this video?

57. Everyone does the Spooky Dance || Friday Night Funkin’ Animation

Halloween has come early to Friday Night Funkin‘! Everybody is gangsta’ until EVERYONE does the spooky dance! In this animation, Daddy Dearest does the dance best.

58. Ugh Acapella – Friday Night Funkin

Have you ever wondered what an original song / arrangement of “Ugh” would sound like? How about if it is was acapella? In this video, check out Smooth McGroove as he belts out ugh FnF style. He’s got a great vocal range and he brings it all to bare here. Maybe if it gets popular enough it will become a mod (hint hint)?


Does anyone think that Carol is an ideal partner for Whitty? In this video, it appears that Carol appears and stops Whitty from going insane – or does it? And what’s up with Daddy coming and getting in their faces?

60. Friday Night Funkin’ but Garcello Sings “Ugh”

Ever wondered what a video dedicated to Garcello saying “ugh” would sound like? Or “CoUgh” to be more accurate? Well, wonder no longer! As you can see in the video, rather than saying “ugh” like most Friday Night Funkin’ characters, he coughs into the mic instead. Very stylish, and it is in keeping with his character.

61. Friday Night Funkin’ – Whitty arrives to save BF and GF from Tabi (Whitty vs Tabi)

Friday Night Funkin’ Fans – are you ready to see Whitty taken on T.A.B.I? We hope so, because it is time to do battle. The ending of this video does appear to end in a bit of a screaming match. Do you agree? Disagree? Let us know.

62. If Friday Night Funkin’ | FnF – was 3D

Are you ready for some incredible 3D FnF animation? How about a slick “Robotic” Daddy dearest voice? Glitch has gone and done an amazing job bringing the Friday Night Funkin’ world into vivid 3D! In this fantastic animation, Meggy and BF get ready to funk on a friday night.

63. Friday Night Funkin But It’s a Zombie Apocalypse

Are you ready for some Friday Night Funkin’ animations? Fera Animations has made an incredible new Zombie FNF animation that you have to check out!

64. Top 5 Friday Night Funkin’ Mods

These are our suggestions for the best Friday Night Funkin’ mods that you can get right now. You want to get straight into the modding experience of the game, but don’t know where to start. Whelp, it’s here.

65. Top 3 Weirdest Friday Night Funkin’ Mods

Want to start off your modding adventure with Friday Night Funkin’, whelp these are some of the weirdest ones available in the game, ever!

66. Friday Night Funkin’ – VS Tord: Original VS Remastered VS Tom VS Edd

What are your thoughts on split screen Friday Night Funkin’? Well, in this video, the screen is split four ways as some of the best FnF mods are on the bubble. Of the four, which one is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below.

67. Friday Night Funkin’ – 5 Facts About Monster

Have you ever wanted to learn a little more the Lemon Headed Demon, Monster in Friday Night Funkin’? In this article and video we’ll tell you ten things you may not know about the demon that wants to boil us and eat us, and our girlfriend aka Monster.

68. Friday Night Funkin But Tankman Vs Whitty

Do you like Friday Night Funkin‘ animations? Are you ready to see Tankman take on Whitty in this epic animation? I hope so, because this is an amazing animation brought to you by the people over at Fera Animations.

Not convinced? No worries, we will post a little bit of the dialogue to give you a heads up as to just how good this episode is.

69. Friday Night Funkin Animation – STRESS

FnF is taking off in a way nobody could have predicted. Not only is it growing at a ridiculous pace, there is a whole new world of animations based off this highly popular series. In this animation, TheShookKitty shows off his incredible skills in an animation that took him 2 and a half weeks to produce.

70. Friday Night Funkin’ Logic, But Mods

In this Friday Night Funkin’ animation, Player and Girlfriend discover there’s more to Friday Night Funkin’ than meets the eye, there’s also MODS! They’ll have to face down Whitty, Tricky the Clown, and the most fearsome of all, Sky! Will they win or will they fail? Find out!

71. Friday Night Funkin’ – Top 5 Depressing Mods

Friday Night Funkin’, aka FnF, uses bright colours and fun, family friendly gameplay. It would be fair to assume that there would be a limited amount of sad and emo type content in the game. But you would be wrong. Truth is, there are a number of sad and depressing mods and in this article and video, we will cover the top five most depressing FnF mods.

73. Daddy Is The Girlfriend – Friday Night Funkin’

Have you ever wondered what Friday Night Funkin’ would be like if Boyfriend and Daddy had a lightsabre duel? What if Daddy wasn’t Daddy per se, but was in fact Girlfriend? Or Dressed up like girlfriend? Well, wonder no longer, because this video has all that and a little more.

Boyfriend goes in search of his beloved GF and man does it get weird. Daddy is in a red dress and red high heel shoes perched atop the ghetto blaster we all know and love. Boyfriend isn’t impressed and starts crying. And then he pulls out a lightsaber (as you do). Is girlfriend alive?

74. Friday Night Funkin’ but Different Characters Sings “Ugh”

Is exactly what it is says. Every note, different character, they sing Ugh. It’s ridiculous and good for a laugh.

75. Vs Impostor 3

Download Fnf V.S. Impostor 3 mod here:


Thank you for checking out our hub of Friday Night Funkin’ content thus far. We’re always playing, and we’re always adding more. So, if you have any suggestions for features to check out, or you have anything to add about what we’ve covered thus far for the game, we’d love to hear from you. Leave us a comment on the blog, the YouTube, our new twitter, or our new discord – all of which have links in the description of the YouTube video.

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