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If you are unfamiliar with Godstrike, or you haven’t had the chance to check out our other Godstrike videos and content, then I’ll fill you in: Godstrike is a twin stick, bullet-hell shooter from the Overpowered Team and Freedom! Games.

Today we’re going to go over the skills, spells, abilities, whatever you want to call them. The actives in Godstrike, and how they fit our scale. We’re going to go over every skill, and rate them on a scale of one to four.  

Ratings explained

Regular Badass
☆☆Super Badass
☆☆☆Omega Badass
☆☆☆☆Fusion Rage Mode x10 Badass

Obviously, one ☆ is the least badass and four ☆☆☆☆ is the most. One ☆ means we like the skill overall, but there is room for improvement.

Four ☆☆☆☆ means the skill is so damn badass that your computer or gaming system might just spontaneously combust with the sheer level of badass-ery. Every time you think of this skill you will want to tell your boss or teacher that you’re going home sick just so you can watch this kill on repeat as drool slowly falls from your mouth!

Let’s begin.

1:02 – Skill One: Herald Step ☆☆

Being able to zip around the enemy boss, evade projectiles is key to the game. And herald step takes this to the next level, you can push your key assigned to herald in panic to save your bacon, or as part of your movement strategy to evade. 

1:39 – Skill Two: Arcane Shield ☆☆

Again, much like herald step, arcane takes a gameplay mechanic that you need to employ and turns it up. You need to evade projectiles, well, arcane shield takes care of that for you. 

2:02 – Skill Three: Cleanse ☆☆☆

Cleanse is amazing. Every single projectile on the screen that doesn’t belong to you, gets deleted! An entire wave of enemy attacks is just gone. So, if you’re overwhelmed or you’re stuck in a particular phase of the battle, you can use Cleanse and then you’re fine! 

2:28 – Skill Four: Time Lapse ☆

Time Lapse is okay. The ability affect itself is really good. But the requirement of souls to pull it off, combined with how long the skill lasts, it feels a little under tuned right now. It can save your life, sure, and that’s great. But that means you’re holding onto it and not using the skill, and that’s taking up one of your four slots. 

3:01 – Skill Five: Overload ☆☆☆☆

For a short time, every single one of your right click attacks changes into a wide spread ability. You get more damage, you get AoE damage, and it looks really cool. The enemy can fill the screen with their attacks, but you can’t? Nuts to that. Overload time. Use that, we even the odds, and look cool doing so. 

3:30 – Skill Six: Future Rhythm ☆

There’s not too much to say about Future Rhythm. For a short duration, you get higher attack speed. Can work well with the attack speed passive. But the abilities appearance is underwhelming, and the damage can be found elsewhere with the skill that will look and feel much more satisfying.  

3:52 – Skill Seven: Chrono Blast ☆☆☆

The damage that you can pull off with the bomb, can really help you nuke a tough boss. It’s a really fantastic spell, and a great way to spend you souls on damage rather than utility. If you’ve gone a mix of damage and utility, make sure you’re including Chrono Blast on the damage side. It’s a big AoE, and it hurts. 

4:19 – Skill Eight: Singularity Beam ☆☆☆☆

It’s a giant laser. It’s a DBZ energy blast. I don’t think much more needs to be said than that. It’s one of the coolest looking abilities in the game, and the feedback you get when using it makes you feel awesome. The damage is great, and you can control the laser if you initially miss or the enemy moves! 

5:04 – Skill Nine: True Aim ☆

True Aim is good utility skill, don’t get me wrong. But the lack of an impressive visual aid to when the skill is initiated, effecting, and breaks – it’s one of the more underwhelming abilities in Godstrike. Yes, your attacks are obviously being pulled, and have a different hue, but it’s kind of meh to watch. Good utility though, but less and less useful as you get better at the game. 

5:58 – Skill 10: Tempo Shards ☆☆☆

Ninja Time baby. Tempo shards fills out all the boxes. It looks cool, it’s really effective, and you feel like a weapon zooming around with ninja death stars surrounding you. The drawback is that you have to get close enough to deal damage, and having it wear off and taking a projective whilst your close kind of sucks. 

6:36 – Skill 11: Spark ☆☆☆☆

Spark is amazing and easily one of the best skills in Godstrike. It’s both: utility and damage. It can do it all. Everything. All the things. EVERYTHING. You turn into the spark, then you can’t be hurt. Use it as a save. You turn into the spark; you damage everything you touch. Use it to nuke. Boom. 

7:13 – Skill 12: Doom Purger ☆☆

I can’t give it a one, because the damage boost is quite significant. But it takes up a utility spot, and isn’t visually impressive. So, I mean you can take Doom Purger, but maybe consider grabbing a damage passive and grabbing something in the actives that is more useful. 

7:54 – Skill 13: Soul Quiver ☆☆☆

Using souls on a skill, doesn’t mean that other skills lose their soul charges. Meaning? Soul Quiver boosts your soul economy by a huge amount. It’s enormous. Grab both soul passives, and you can be constantly using abilities. It’s not a four, because the souls aren’t automatically added, you still have to pick them up. Aside from that, it’s really, really good. 

8:23 – Skill 14: Phantom Slash ☆☆☆☆

Swords are always cool. Every game is made better by swords, and Godstrike is no exception. The AoE is huge, so it’s really easy to get off, and the damage is significant. You’re swinging a giant sword at the enemy with every cast, and it feels super fun. 

8:54 – Skill 15: Moonlight Spears ☆☆☆☆

Moonlight is great for many of the same reasons that Phantom Slash is, but it’s ranged! Throwing the spears is easy, and it means you’ll rarely miss. Summoning a group of 300-eqsue spears, and throwing them at the boss? Hell yes.  

9:12 – Skill 16: Mystic Blast ☆☆☆

You can spam this. It has a low cost and a really quick cast time. You get can plenty of them off. If you’re got enough experience with the game, and you manage these, the damage can really pay off. It might seem underwhelming at first, but with how many you can get in, it adds up! Plus, the boom looks cool. 

9:41 – Skill 17: Illusion ☆☆☆

Illusion is another fantastic utility skill. It gives you impunity for projectiles, and lets you fire off abilities and right-clicks at will. There’s not too much to say about illusion, it just does what it says and that is really useful. Worth a utility skill slot. 

10:13 – Skill 18: Celestial Stasis ☆☆☆☆

Okay, so you can’t move whilst you get this off, that’s the only drawback. But what are you getting? A damaging skill that is cheap to use, quick to get off, and visually? It’s one of the coolest skills in the game visually and will make you feel badass every time you connect with the blast.  

10:54 – Skill 19: Radiant Flux ☆☆☆

Flux is great for many of the same reasons that Mystic Blast is good. You can spam it with the low cost and cast time, and the damage ramps up the longer the battle goes. Get plenty of them off every time you have the chance, and you’re sweet. 

11:16 – Skill 20: Astral Orb ☆☆

Astral Orb is one of the few skills that is utility and damage, and that might make it sound incredible and an instant four. However, it only removes projectiles that it hits, and requires some finesse to get the damage off on both the throw and return. It is essentially a watered-down version of spark, but takes up an ability slow.  


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