Friday Night Funkin’ Sarvente’s Mid-Fight Masses – V.S. Selever

Revenge Against Sarvente

So, you’re probably wondering what this new update has? Well, first off, it gives you a chance to get revenge (or is it redemption?) against Sarvente, which is nice.

A very, VERY, thicc Sarvente. Get the thicc Sarvente mod here:

You get to meet Selever – a rather annoying little brat. Oh, and Selever knows what you did to his Mom and Dad, and he’s not too happy about it. You’ll also get to meet a very cute nun that really wants you to go to church with her. It also introduces the “Alt-Mode” difficulty setting that allows you to increase the difficulty as you see fit.

Are you going to let a little pink nun take you to church? Get ready to rap battle Sarv and Ruv’s evil son, Selever!

Sample Dialogue:

Nun: “Come on, it’s gonna be a big night! This time I really want you coming. I know our differences are a huge gap but…I really want to spend some time with you today. So you should really get here!”

Girlfriend: “Me and my boyfriend were just looking for the bathroom.”

Nun: “Aw, but it seems like you two seem really good for this place. I’m sure of it!”


Download the Sarvente’s Mid Fight Masses here:

Download the Sarv THICC mod here:

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