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Friday Night Funkin’ But Shaggy Is Here – V.S. Shaggy

Well, Friday Night Funkin’ fans, it finally happened! The most powerful being in the universe has come to FNF and he only needs to use .001% of his power to defeat all comers! You know who I’m talking about…SHAGGY! No, not the erstwhile pop artist. Shaggy from the Scooby gang has entered the rap arena and wants to do battle with boyfriend!


Shaggy: “Hey, you guys! I’m looking for a dog that got lost in this mansion. His name’s Scooby. Have you, like, seen him or anything?”

Boyfriend: “Beep bap boop.”

Shaggy: “You wanna like, sing? But I haven’t found Scoobs yet.”

Boyfriend: “Bop bee bap.”

Shaggy: “I sure hope so too. Alright, just a couple of songs though. I don’t know that many.”

Never underestimate the power of Shaggy and his delicious Scooby Snacks!

This Weeks Songs

Where are you – a remix of the first-ever intro of the Scooby-doo series
Eruption – an original song
Kaio-ken – another original song with a crazy change in mechanic


Download Friday Night Funkin’ Here: https://ninja-muffin24.itch.io/funkin

Download V.S. Shaggy Mod here: https://gamebanana.com/mods/284121


ProgramFreedom! Scholarship
AuthorCurtis Pyke
YouTuberBijuu Mike
GameFriday Night Funkin’



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