Friday Night Funkin But Tankman Vs Whitty – By Fera Animations

Do you like Friday Night Funkin‘ animations? Are you ready to see Tankman take on Whitty? I hope so because this is one amazing animation brought to you by the people over at Fera Animations.

Not convinced? No worries, here’s a little bit of the dialogue to give you a heads up as to just how good this episode is.


Tankman – “Hey kids, do you want to see me sing Megalovania? For 15 hours straight?”

Whitty – “Ha! Ha! Ha! Who still listens to that song?”

Tankman – “Alright, pretty boy! You. Me. Right now!”

Whitty – “Okay, never back down from a fight before. Not doing now.”

This is an episode you don’t want to miss. Check this space out for more future uploads.

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