Little Nightmares II Never Ceases To Impress – Spoiler-free Game Review

Little Nightmares 2 is a suspense horror adventure in which we are setting on an adventure with Six playing Mono.
Feel free to check out the gameplay (along with cool Six cosplay) here:


We as Mono have to go on an adventure with Six and evade tons of scary monsters along the way. We’ll go through forest, school, hospital, city and another world to stay together and never let go of each other’s hand. Can you survive the nightmares that await?


The gameplay is the same as in Little Nightmares, the first part. We need to get through one side of the level to another. The only difference is that the levels in the second part are deeper and you often have to go towards the back or the front end of the level. Also, the game made a pretty heavy accent on the fighting mechanic. We’ll have to fight a lot which might be a little tedious with the controls, but let’s talk about it later…


  1. It’s even scarier than the first part! I feel like this game was tested a lot of times to see what players would do and how would react so the game would be able to trick them each time. Be prepared to get caught off guard many times! The game has traps, enemies that you have to fight, bosses that you have to avoid, and lots of spooky dark corners…
  2. The monsters are even more unforgettable than in the first game. Playing the first part, didn’t you, probably, get the feeling that the scariest monster was the janitor (the janitor was my fav) and the cooks didn’t impress as much in comparison (though they were also awesome!)? Well, in this game each monster is more terrifying than the last. Be ready that your nightmare fuel won’t run out your whole life. From the start till the very end the game never ceases to get under your skin.
  3. Again, comparing to the previous game, the levels in this one are so unique and seem to be much different from each other and the last game as well. If there you were kind of stuck in one big boat, here you get to see the forest, the school, the hospital, and the nightmares don’t end there! Fascinating! Another thing that I liked is that now levels have more depth to them – you can go all the way to the background and back and see all the creepy details of the environment.
  4. The music, the ambiance, and the feeling of the game are still top-notch!
  5. The plot is quite interesting and the twist, in the end, is just so nice. Try not to get the story spoiled before you play the game!
  6. 6 is back!!!


  1. Well, the game likes to confuse the player a lot. Some of the parts keep you for half an hour just because the solution you tried didn’t work for some reason though you were on the right track or be
    cause the solution is so counter-intuitive so you don’t even think about it.
  2. Fighting mechanic could use a bit more thought. It’s cool and I think overall the game benefits a lot from having it but some areas were too challenging so you had to try so many times just to get through a fight.
  3. I guess with the bigger areas comes the disappointment of having not so many secrets around. In the last game, some areas felt empty of secrets or lore. This game feels even emptier sometimes in that sense. But, again, maybe I looked not well enough and if that’s the case then I’ll update this comment of course!


The game is amazing! What are you waiting for? Buy it and play it! I rate it 9.5 yellow trench coats / 10!

Hope my feedback was useful! Thanks for reading till the end, have a nice day :3

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