Friday Night Funkin’ – 5 Facts About Monster

Have you ever wanted to learn a little more the Lemon Headed Demon, Monster in Friday Night Funkin’? In this article and video we’ll tell you ten things you may not know about the demon that wants to boil us and eat us, and our girlfriend aka Monster.

#1 – Neil Cicierega

The appearance of monster and the sound of his two tracks monster in Winter Horrorland suggests that he’s designed after lemon demon the online alias for artist Neil Cicierega. He was was incredibly popular on newgrounds in the internet in the early 2000s with songs like the ultimate showdown of ultimate destiny which Neil performed and animated himself.

#2 – Bassett Films

Basett Films designed the character alongside artist phantom arcade. Bassett films was likely approached to help with the halloween themed week due to his history of creepy horror animations and songs like that of his animation
What’s In The Bathtub“.

#3 – Week Two is the Shortest Week (2 songs)

The third week two song monster was originally scrapped being too difficult to map in time thus making week two
the shortest week with two songs however modern chaotic gamer used the existing files in the games to map it correctly impressing Friday Night Funkin‘ and developers. By this time Basset Films had already been approached to perform another song for week 5 since his character couldn’t be included in time for week 2.

#4 – Lemon Demon is THICC

That’s it. Lemon Demon is a thicc, thicc boy!

#5 – Monster’s Stomach Grumbles – Loudly

At the 30 second mark of the song winter Horrorland there can be heard a low auditory rumble only on the left channel of the song fans have theorized that since monster is standing on the left side of the room that the grumble must be his stomach since many of his not so subtle lyrics include him killing and eating boyfriend and girlfriend.

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