Friday Night Funkin’ But Impostor Killed Gf – V.S Imposter V2

VS Imposter V2

Girlfriend getting shot FOR NO REASON by the Red guy in Among us? Check. Get an up-close look at the nastiest toes in FnF? Check. And now, boyfriend needs to avenge her death! Oh yeah, and she still “bops” even as a ghost. Even her legs continue to bop while she’s in Demon form. Strange.

The most “sussy” mod in Friday Night Funkin is here! Let’s call it…Friday Night Sussus! The first version of this mod (V1) was a big hit and the developers decided to remaster the original one as well as drop in two new original songs!


Boyfriend: “Dude what the F! You killed my girlfriend!”

Red Among Us: “You’re next.”

Boyfriend: “Oh, sh…”


Download VS Imposter V2 mod here:

Download Friday Night Funkin’ here:

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