Mommy Mearest in HD

This mod adds a variety of new mechanics to Friday Night Funkin’ as well as some slick new story elements. As you can guess, Mommy Mearest is front and center in this revised mod. Boyfriend appears to no longer trust girlfriend as much as he used to (or probably should) and he gets more than a little jealous of Pico. Also, Mommy Mearest crashes the party! Hard!

Another interesting change in the HD version is that they removed boyfriend’s bizarre-looking moustache! That low pixel count dashed line on his top lip was kind of awesome, not gonna lie though. Oh, and all of your Pico belongs to us now (this will make sense a few minutes into the mod).


Girlfriend: “Hey BF, they’re playing my Momma’s song on the radio! You vibin’ with it?”

Boyfriend: “Yee yee, I’m rockin’ with it”! Y’know, GF? I don’t think I’ve ever been with someone who makes me as happy as you do. It’s so nice having someone as clingy as me by my side.”

Girlfriend: “I wouldn’t say I’m clingy, I’m just here to see you kick ass and not die!”

Boyfriend: “—-“

Girlfriend: “What’s with the face? It’s the truth.”

Boyfriend: “Right. Speaking of relationships, what did you do to Pico a few weeks ago?”

Girlfriend: “Oh him? Well, you know the shadow realm of Yu-Gi-Oh? It’s essentially like that. He isn’t suffering or anything, but he belongs to us. “Me, specifically.”

Boyfriend: “Aight, that’s real sus. Why are you having another man around, huh?”

Girlfriend: “Are you dense? Why are you jumping to conclusions all defensively? I might be able to have him around all the time, but he isn’t even able to interact with me unless I say so.”

Boyfriend: “None of this seems right to me. The last couple of things you just said makes me doubt your feelings for me.”

Girlfriend: “Come on now! Even if we’ve been dating for less than 3 months, that doesn’t mean sh*t–“

Boyfriend: “You’re saying that I don’t mean sh*t?”



Mommy Mearest: “Also, you’re grounded, ‘member? Your father and I own that ginger now. You can’t use him.”

Girlfriend: “Momma?”

Mommy Mearest: “It’s me, honey! I’m crashing this party!”

Boyfriend: “T-THAT’S YOUR MOM????

Girlfriend: “YEAH?? DON’T GET ANY IDEAS–

Mommy Mearest: “Silence, Gearest! Bojangles, Bubbles, Alvin, Michael!”

Are you ready to do battle with Mommy Mearest and her four minions? How about getting in a high-speed chase down Route 76 with Mommy Mearest? Watch out for low-hanging street lights! Girlfriend literally has the weirdest parents ever and, well, you’re gonna have to beat her mom in a rap battle to win some respect.


  • Satin-Panties
  • High
  • Milf


Download Friday Night Funkin’ HD Week 4 Update here:

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