Lunatics Role In Upgrader

Hi, I am Lunatic, owner of Lunatic Youtube channel. I decided to write and be the director(owner)of Upgrader. A new top down Rogue-like that will be available for early access on steam in august 2022. Instead of having some game company write what this game is about. I decided to make it my priority to give this game the hype and attention this game deserves. Early gameplay coming soon to my channel look up lunatic and its the profile shown!


This game is a top down rogue-like with increasing difficulty, bosses, and weapons. Players will start the game in the home base area, where you can fish, farm, and play arcade games for loot, buffs, pets and achievements. To begin a level the players will go to a tele-porter (mission selector) and select the level they want to play. Players will then in game earn level experience for buffs and abilities.They will earn player experience to increase health, damage, ability damage(buffing there in game perks even further). To be more specific level experience goes away upon death or completion of the level. Player experience stays with the player all the time as you level up and get stronger.

Every 5 minutes there will be a random boss that spawns(2 per level in a 15 minute level). At 15 minutes you will fight the level boss, defeating the level boss completes the level! When you complete a level the next level unlocks, however you can grind the same level to prestige the level itself which increases the levels difficulty! When playing any level there is a chance for weapons,pets, and equipment to drop with different rarity. There will be 7 classes of (in order from weakest to strongest)rarity, common,uncommon,rare,super rare,legendary,godly, and hacked. You will be able to prestige your own character 10 times! After (maxing out) prestiges, there will be no level cap and you can get your character even stronger for the end game content!

The base game will include about 10 levels to grind, we are also going to be integrating 4 free updates which will include the DLC. Purchasable with in game money and not microtransactions! (cause I hate those). Each Dlc will probably have 4 additional levels, new modifiers, characters, and ways to experience the game! We wanted to make this game into a game I would enjoy playing and not something that squeezes you for every dime you have! However due to the price of creation and asset funding if we decide to make a 5 or more dlcs we will probably have to charge(not much) for those as we are giving alot with this game already 😀 a 5th Dlc is on paper but we will have to see how the impressions of the game are and if we can do it or not!

There will be 6 characters all acted by my real life friends! Day 1 characters include Mage, assassin, samurai, berserker, archer, and knight. If you’re a mage that wants to use a bow, our game is designed to let you do that, but with the cost of a stat penalty. Future ideas for characters are necromancers, gunner, soldier, king, demon, super-hero, and alien. When a character prestiges they are also given additional bonuses / Xp boosts, stat boosts, abilities, secret bosses. If you prestige all the main characters to max there might be something secret that happens after you beat the game.


I have hired sound artists to make a album for the game(also purchasable for 1$) which will include a demon fight rock song that guitarist Vlada Bojic Bojketic made specifically for a certain battle (which might be the final battle) A unique track was made for every level. 


The game will initially be available on steam, the price of the soundtrack as stated will be 1$. This game is intended to blow you guys away, but with everything included including the 4 DLC’s a fair price point for a game this large is 19.99. The replay-ability of this game will be so insane, I wanted this to be more impressive and satisfying then any game seen on the steam marketplace. I’m guessing after unlocking all the secret bosses with prestiges you could easily sink 400 hours in this game and still have more to do with the Dlc content which also has its own secrets. So even without the DLC’s it’s easily worth your 20$ bill. 


All the Dlc’s Features probably won’t be available at launch so we wanted to make sure that the price was justified based on the base game. We wanted to set a price that was reasonable for everybody! So If you add the Dlcs in we didn’t want to be forced to increase the price. Here is the info about some of the DLC’s! (in Order which you should play but don’t have to 😛

Monster masher 9000

In this Dlc players will be able to modify some of the monsters that randomly spawn in the new levels. Adding New weapons armors abilities to the bosses they encounter the benefit of doing this is increased difficulty and loot chance! Im hoping to make this compatible with the base game and the other 3 dlc’s for more replayability! The players will also be able to use the machine to evolve pets into there next 2 forms after pets upgrades are maxed!

Hunter: Call for Loot

In this Dlc people will be able to accept bounties, get crafting materials. Using hide, horns, nuclear blood? To craft a 8th tier of weapons “primal” these weapons are basically the same as legendarys. But there will be 3 sub tiers of primal weapons if you gather enough resources. This DLC will also expand the fishing aspect of the game which some weapons will require you to catch fish to build.

Project Unidentified

Ailen Dlc Ailen Weapons Ailen Crafting

Journey To Planet Zarrack

This DLC will be inspired off of my story “Zarracks” and it takes you to planet zarrack where you will meet a demigod aiden. Aiden is in the midst of struggle and needs your help.

I didn’t want to spoil a whole ton of this for you guys. There will be a lot of undiscussed features added to the game. Like an underground cave or something. Character reveals coming soon! Beta Gameplay will be coming to my channel soon see you in august!

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