RumbleVerse Review

Rumbleverse is a free to play Battle Royale game with a twist, instead of using guns like other battle royale games, Rumbleverse is a brawler. In Rumbleverse the combat is based on wrestling moves and tactics. It was really fun and addicting when I played it. Rumbleverse was made by Iron Galaxy and published by Epic Games. 


The Gameplay for Rumbleverse is really fun. You are dropped into a city with 39 other players and your goal is to be the last one standing like most other br games. The way to take out players is by knocking them out. Now there are different ways to KO players in Rumbleverse.

One of the first ways is by just melee attacks. You have two different attacks in the game. You have the standard basic attack which is just a few punches and then a tackling attack called vicious attack. These two work really well together and set up good combos. You also have melee weapons and throwable objects you can use in the game to help you KO an opponent, from planks and bats to signs and those blue mail collection boxes mail companies use. 

You will be able to learn new attacks as you go through the landscapes of the rumblevere city. These attacks can be learned by picking up books from the ground loot. There are 3 different color books, green, blue and purple. Each book contains an attack you can learn. These special attacks can really help you knockout opponents much quicker and deal a lot more damage. There are a variety of special attacks you can learn, for example there is an attack called chokeslam, when used you can pick up your opponent and drop them to the ground quickly. 

There is also a last resort attack/special move you can use if none of those knockout your opponent. The attack in question is called ‘supermode’. In this mode you power up and when you press the triangle or whatever your vicious attack is at an opponent, you will grab the opponent and lift them up in the air and slam them back into the ground. This ‘supermode’ can also regenerate health. The best thing about this attack is that you already have it, you just need to fill up the gauge meter by picking up blue stars around the map or knocking out opponents. 

Like other br games you will be given xp depending on what place you come in. There are also various challenges in the game that will help you earn even more xp. The xp is used to level up your character. 


The game has various potions that can help you gain victory. There are 3 different main potions, there is a green potion for health, a red potion for attack and a yellow potion for stamina. Drinking these potions can increase these stats and give you a better chance at winning. There is a limit and you will need to choose wisely but you can increase all 3 stats if you do desire. 

In the game the bar meter in the right has the 3 corresponding colors. There are 8 bars you can fill up and increase the stats I mentioned above. You can choose to increase one stat or all 3. You can choose whatever playstyle and type of brawler you want to be.


The visuals in Rumbleverse are really good. It reminds me of a lot of different games from fortnite to sunset overdrive. The fortnite resemblance makes a lot of sense since this game was published by epic games. The color aspect and pop up in this game is visually pleasing. The city looks really good, the developers did a really good job with the look of the city and the visuals. 

The game overall looks really pretty, even the UI in the menu looks really good. You will be satisfied and will really like the look of this game, especially if you are a fan of fortnite. 


The sound design is really good in this game. You can easily hear various things going on around the city from your own footsteps to even the car alarms going off farther away. In game the game sound is good but in the menu the music is a little loud so I recommend lowering the volume. 

The game does have a voice chat function and I do have to say the voice chat works really well. I played a few games with my friend yesterday and his voice was coming through clear. However sometimes we cannot hear each other when we load into a game and that can get a little frustrating if you are trying to communicate the location of enemies. Other than that the voice chat is really good in this game. 


Overall the game is really addicting and fun to play. I had fun playing this game and I will definitely be playing this game again. Being able to launch people into the air and into the air to result in a knockout is so satisfying. The creativity and ways of playing this game are really unique. The brawler style Iron Galaxy made here is really unique and a good way to join the BR genre.

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