Guardians of Hyelore is here!

Another day, another blockbuster Freedom Games launch!

The lineup at Freedom Games is growing bigger and bigger by the day, and the excitement for each release is building up alongside. If you’re looking for great indie games, by great indie developers, brought to the world by a team that is passionate about making games that gamers love, well, then I thoroughly recommend checking out the upcoming releases and roadmap of games that are getting some Freedom Games publishing love.

And that excitement is all the more evident with the release of Guardians of Hyelore!

Guardians of Hyelore on Steam
Guardians of Hyelore is thrilling and action-packed, with hundreds of enemies to smash!

What is Guardians of Hyelore and why should you care that launch day is finally here?

I’m so glad you asked! GoH is an action-packed, auto-battler, where you recruit units from a huge roster of characters, each with their own unique abilities and nuances, and upgrade those abilities to suit your playstyle and the levels that you’re trying to conquer.

“Battle your way through waves of enemies in a non-stop effort to destroy the opposing enemy towers! Guardians of Hyelore is packed with unique elements of recruitment and battle mechanics as you progress through many stages.

Start the game with four basic units available for hire and gain many more as you progress through the game. The gameplay is deep and rich in battle mechanics as it rewards you with Favors for advancing your army and punishing you if the enemy advances instead.

Fight against powerful Threats, upgrade your Guardians and units, purchase powerful items, gain Talents, and explore the world of Hyelore!”

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“Recruit from a large collection of units which can be enhanced over time, each with their own unique abilities.”

The hundreds of smashable foes and plethora of recruits are not where the excitement ends though. You’ll be able to purchase weapons and potions to augment and improve your favourite characters and take their progression another step further!

Get rewarded the more you play, and change up the game with the perk system as well. Choose what passives you want and see how they affect your characters’ performance. Want to cheap out on potions? Go ahead! Want to prioritize a longer attack range for your units? Knock yourself out! The choice is yours, so choose wisely!

Guardians of Hylore is available to play on PC via the Steam store and if you’re curious, or have been unaware of the title up until this point, I thoroughly recommend checking out the trailer and the Steam page; you’re going to quickly come to the conclusion that GoH is the best of both worlds when it comes to auto-battlers.

What do I mean by that? Well, I love auto-battlers because I find them incredibly relaxing and rewarding. It’s very satisfying to plan out the path and progression of your characters and watch that plan come to life before your eyes. I say that GoH is the best of both worlds because often this passive and relaxing playstyle can come at the cost of the action and excitement of a game – that isn’t the case with Guardians of Hyelore.

Guardians of Hyelore on Steam
“Fight against powerful Threats, upgrade your Guardians and units, purchase powerful items, gain Talents, and explore the world of Hyelore!”

You’ll see that there is plenty of action and hectic monster-smashing going on here. You’re not left in the lurch waiting for the next wave passively, your units are put to the test and your planning, strategy, and efficiency will be too. So, if you’re a fan of the genre, or are looking to get into it, check out Guardians of Hyelore!


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