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Friday Night Funkin’ Logic, But Mods | Cartoon Animation

Fresh after Sky rescues you from Tricky the Clown, Boyfriend has to explain to her that he’s with Girlfriend and he’s sorry about that. Well, it turns out that if Sky can’t be with Boyfriend, then nobody can… Boyfriend has to beat a bunch of mods, and girlfriend seems to be in on it. Also, Whitty shouldn’t make fun of Boyfriend’s Mom! That’s the final straw!

In this Friday Night Funkin’ animation, Player and Girlfriend discover there’s more to Friday Night Funkin’ than meets the eye, there’s also MODS! They’ll have to face down Whitty, Tricky the Clown, and the most fearsome of all…Sky! Will they win or will they fail? Find out!

  • Tricky Mod: Character Based on the Madness
  • Combat series created by Krinkels
  • Artist: Banbuds
  • Composer: Rozebud
  • Programmer: Kade
  • Modder: Cval
  • Sky Mod: Character created by bfswifeforever
  • Artist/Programmer/Composer: bbpanzu


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