New World – 18 Legendary Weapons You Should Know About

New World – Top Legendary Weapons

In this article, we’re going to discuss my (Vulkan’s) favourite legendary weapons for each New World play style. Some are simple and straightforward, while others are more complex and have tons of synergy. Now some of these are data-mined, others are obtainable right now, so keep in mind that lots of this may change over time. But this lineup is one that I am most excited about and I believe they will do extremely well. Just as a reminder, this list is 100% my opinion and some of these might not appeal to you, but I want to hear about what legendaries or maybe even some perks that you are excited to use in the later game.

TimecodeTypeLegendary Weapon
0:43Ice GauntletWinter Wish
1:43WarhammerObsidian Warhammer
2:14Life StaffWill of the Ancients
4:10RapierVoidbringer’s Rapier
5:25BowCreeping Recurve
6:36Great AxeAxe of the Final War
7:36ShieldShield of Suppression
8:54SwordCuriosity, Greed
9:43Fire StaffFirebinder
10:48SwordPrimordial Edge
12:44SwordBrilliant Refraction
14:00SpearSpear of the Corrupted Assault
14:44SpearJavelin of Dryadic Empowerment
15:35SpearConqueror’s Spear

0:43 – Winter Wish

Let’s get things started with the Ice Gauntlet, Winter Wish. Winter Wish is all about self-synergizing damage increases and boosting your critical damage and chance. This gauntlet drops in the Garden of Genesis dungeon from Alluvium Marl, and it comes with a Cruel 4 gem inserted that increases all damage done against targets with an active crowd control status effect, like stun, slow, and root. This is where the self-synergizing comes into play. Almost every ability for the Ice Gauntlet has the potential to slow enemies, which means that this bonus should be up nearly all the time.

Pair that with the 11% increase to both critical damage and critical chance and you have a pretty high-powered weapon from the get-go. But the Winter Wish does have one additional perk to help with AOE damage, it comes equipped with Chain Ice, making all hits cause chain attacks to nearby enemies, dealing Ice damage. So overall, this one is going to be incredibly powerful against Lost enemies since they are weak against Ice. Let’s move on to number 17, Obsidian Warhammer.

Winter Wish New World
Winter Wish

1:43 – Obsidian War Hammer

This two-hander is all about self-healing. It comes with three huge perks that will leech health from enemies, heal whenever you deal damage with Path of Destiny, and heal you when you kill something. So this makes the Obsidian Warhammer a fantastic weapon for tanking, or for those of you who love self-healing PvP style builds. Overall, this one is straightforward and I can’t wait to use it in dungeons. However, we do not know where to find this weapon yet.

Obsidian War Hammer - New World
Obsidian War Hammer

2:14 – Will Of The Ancients

Number 16 brings our first healing staff to the mix with Will of the Ancients. This staff focuses on increasing total healing, but also has two perks that reduce your cool-downs; allowing you to squeeze more skills into each encounter. Will of the Ancients also comes with a Rally 4 gem slotted, which will increase outgoing damage and healing while at full health. It’s a nice bonus, though I’m not totally sold on having this one in there, it will be decent as long as you stay topped off. The nice thing about this set of perks is that there are some opportunities to double-dip on passive effects.

For instance, the Absolved passive on the healing tree will remove the mana cost from light and heavy attacks, but if you dive a little deeper into the passives connected to this, heavy and light attacks will also heal allies and remove debuffs from them. But let’s look a little closer into the ways this staff can really synergize with attacks:

  • We also have Revitalize, which causes light attacks to reduce all cool-downs by 5%, lowering our cooldown even more.
  • Intensify will cause heavy attacks to increase your healing by up to 30%.
  • Then on the Protector tree, we have Protector’s Touch, which causes any life-staff attacks to give you a 15% fortify buff, which reduces incoming damage.
  • Then if you take protector’s strength, you heal for 10% more when you have a buff, aka Fortify.

So as you can see, we’re stacking lots of bonuses on spamming heavy and light attacks – and Will Of The Ancients will maximize that. You can find this weapon as a global drop in any dungeon.

Will Of The Ancients
Will Of The Ancients

4:10 – Voidbringer’s Rapier

Number 15 gives us a one-hander called Voidbringer’s Rapier that comes with a free gem socket and a handful of perks that will help deal damage over time and return some health. Breaking this down, we have:

  • Leeching Flurry, which will cause each hit of flurry to restore 28% of the damage done as health, which is quite a bit.
  • Keenly Jagged, which will cause crits to apply a bleed that deals 7% weapon damage each second for 10 seconds.
  • Lastly, we have Keen, which increases critical chance by 11%.

So, all of these are going to boost some of the perks you can find in the passive trees. For instance, Heavy Puncture will cause any heavy attacks on a bleeding target, and including that Jagged perk will extend the duration of any rapier bleeds by 2 seconds. This extends the 5% damage increase given by Unerring as well since you are hitting a bleeding target. You can craft Voidbringer’s Rapier with Weaponsmithing.

voidbringers rapier
Voidbringer’s Rapier

5:25 – Creeping Recurve

Let’s move on to Number 14, a bow called Creeping Recurve. With this one, we are seeing some of the perks we’ve already covered like Keenly Jagged, causing crits to apply a bleed, Chain Nature to deal AOE nature damage, and Keen, which increases critical hit chance. Plus, this recurve comes with Cruel 4 slotted, which increases damage against targets with crowd control effects, and this gem will play strongly with Skirmisher since the last node is Knee Shot, allowing you to keep slow on targets with no penalty.

Not to mention you have other small passives like Mark, which increases damage to enemies with a debuff. So between Knee Shot, Jagged, and Poison Arrow, your targets should constantly have a debuff that will stack the damage bonus of Mark plus the Cruel Gem. You can find this bow as a drop from Fulg’da or Forcos in Garden of Genesis. This weapon is simple and effective in my opinion and I’m excited to see what people can do with it.

Creeping Recurve
Creeping Recurve

6:36 – Axe of the Final War

Number 13 is our first Great Axe, Axe of the Final War. If you are someone who loves to play a Whirlwind Barbarian, then this is 100% your weapon. It comes with an empty gem slot, which I would put a Gambit in to increase all damage when stamina is NOT full. The perks this thing has just seem really fun. You have Chain Fire, which will cause fire AOE damage between nearby enemies, plus Fortifying Whirlwind, which will give you a buff that reduces damage taken when you hit an enemy. And lastly, we have Mortal Power, which gives you a 15% damage buff for 5 seconds when you kill something, including rabbits. We do not know where this weapon comes from yet. And now, let’s move on to Number 12, Shield of Suppression.

Axe of the Final War - New World
Axe Of The Final War

7:36 – Shield of Suppression

Obviously, this needs to have a sword with it and legendary shields can’t just be used on their own. So we’ll talk about a couple of swords that would pair really well with this next. But the Shield of Suppression gives some great tanking perks.

• Sturdy to reduce the amount of stamina it takes to block.
• Slash Shield Ward, which reduces the amount of slash damage you take and makes up a big portion of enemy damage.
• Lastly is Refreshing Ward, which reduces your active cooldowns after being hit 5 times.

And this is going to be a huge bonus. I mean, as a tank you are going to be constantly taking hits, so this will help you get those skills like Defiant Stance, Shield Rush, and Shield Bash off cooldown faster, which will help with aggro control and keeping some debuffs on targets. There aren’t a ton of passives that synergize with this one specifically, but I feel like the perks themselves are enough to justify equipping it. You can get the Shield of Suppression through weaponsmithing.

Shield of Suppression

8:54 – Curiosity, Greed

So let’s talk about number 11, a sword that can go with that shield, Curiosity – Greed. This one-hander is literally built for tanking. Everything this thing brings to the table is to make tanking easier for the wielder. You have a pre-slotted gem, Taunting 4, that increases all threat. You have Hatred, which increases your threat even more. Then you have Keenly Fortified – which gives a fortify buff on critical hits, and keen, increasing your critical chance. So you shouldn’t have any issues pairing these two weapons up and getting a huge amount of passive bonuses to make tanking dungeons and bosses easier. If you want this weapon, it’s a global drop from all the dungeons. Moving onto number 10, we have a fire staff named Firebinder that drops from The Blighted Greenskeeper in Garden of Genesis.

curiosity greed new world
Curiosity – Greed

9:43 – Firebinder

This weapon has some great perks that don’t really play off each other, but each one gives a strong buff or utility, especially the mana regen buff whenever you use Burnout. This staff does come with a Rally 4 gem, which increases all outgoing damage and healing while at full health. Being a ranged caster in the back, you shouldn’t be under 100% health too often, so we have a nice DPS bump there. Firebinder also comes with Chain Fire for AOE fire damage, Vicious, an increase to critical damage, and like I mentioned earlier, the Efficient Burnout perk that increases mana regen for a short duration after using that skill. There aren’t a ton of synergies for this weapon, but it’s just a good overall damage stick that fire mage players can use.


10:48 – Primordial Edge

Number 9 gives us a DPS sword named Primordial Edge, which oddly enough gives a dexterity boost instead of strength as a base stat, but also has some decent perks to increase your damage. The sword comes with a Cruel 4 gem that will increase damage against targets with crowd control effects which will play nice with the leaping strike skill or paired with another weapon with heavy debuffs. But we also get to see our first new perk named Rogue, which increases backstab damage by 18% making it great for ambushes or if you want to DPS while a tank holds aggro.

We also have Keenly Jagged and Keen to increase critical chance and apply bleeds on crits. While this might not be the highest DPS weapon in the world, it will be great for those people who love to play as a sword and board DPS. Primordial Edge drops from the Blighted Greenskeeper from Garden of Genesis.

Primordial Edge New World
Primordial Edge

11:50 – Infamy

Let’s talk about our first musket at number 8, and that is Infamy. This weapon is a DPS powerhouse and perfect for opening shots against enemies with its pre-slotted gem which increases damage done by 30% against targets with full health. Then you pair that with its other perks that increase critical chance, critical damage, and the Enchanted perk that increases all light and heavy attack damage done by 9.5% and you’re looking at a weapon that is all damage, all the time. If you pair this weapon with the Sharpshooter tree and take advantage of headshot bonuses that grant Empower, with damage increasing the further you are away from the target, then this musket is going to be awesome in PVP and PVE. You can find Infamy as a drop from Alluvium Marl in the Garden of Genesis.

infamy new world musket

12:44 – Brilliant Refraction

Coming in at number 7 is another sword named Brilliant Refraction, and this one has a really cool perk that I haven’t seen anywhere else yet: Contagious Reverse Stab. This will cause the Reverse Stab skill to transfer an active debuff from you to your target. I can just see the montage clips now of people using this in PVP to drop a burn debuff or something onto another player and flip the script on them. There are just so many cool scenarios where this perk is going to come in handy. Besides that one, the sword comes with Keenly Empowered which grants Empowered on critical hits, Mortal Lifesteal which restores 4% health when you kill something, and it comes with an empty socket. You can find this weapon from killing Denmen or Meldue, both named elites in Edengrove.

brilliant refraction
Brilliant Refraction

14:00 – Spear Of The Corrupted Assault

Number 6 is our first spear on the list: Spear of the Corrupted Assault. This weapon gives a blank gem socket and has some nice buffs to critical damage and grants Empowered on criticals as well. To top that off, you get some extra AOE damage with Chain Lightning. Overall, this weapon doesn’t do anything extraordinary, but it does give some nice buffs and would work well for most situations, making it a strong pick if you don’t want to specialize too heavily into anything. We don’t know where this one drops yet.

Spear Of The Corrupted Assault
Spear Of The Corrupted Assault

14:44 – Javelin of Dryadic Empowerment

Number 5 brings another spear, the Javelin of the Dryadic Empowerment. This weapon literally thrives on critical damage. All of its perks revolve around increasing critical chance, critical damage, and when you crit an enemy, you gain Empowered for a short duration to deal even more damage. To top it off, it comes with a free gem called Exhilarate that increases damage by 24% to players below 30% health. You heard that right, the gem is for players specifically, so if you don’t plan to PVP, then that gem will not be of much use to you. You can find this Spear as a drop from Chardis in the Lazarus Instrumentality dungeon.

Javelin of Dryadic Empowerment
Javelin of Dryadic Empowerment

15:35 – Conqueror’s Spear

Roaring in at number 4 is the Conqueror’s Spear. This is basically the spear equivalent of the Obsidian Warhammer. This thing is all about health leech and lowering cooldowns. The perks it comes with are Lifestealing, which gives you 1.5% of your damage back as health, it also reduces maximum cooldowns by 3% and will cause every hit of Cyclone to heal you for 31% of the damage done. The Conqueror’s Spear also comes with an empty gem socket for you. We do not know where this weapon drops from yet.

Conqueror's Spear New World
Conqueror’s Spear

16:24 – Warpwood

Number 3 gives us another bow called the Warpwood, and if you like headshots and Poison Arrow, you are going to love this one. This weapon causes anything caught in your Poison Shot to gain Weaken, reducing their damage done for a short duration. It gives a flat increase to headshot damage and comes with Keenly Jagged, so critical hits will apply bleeds. Pair this with your Skirmisher tree and a Cruel gem to increase damage against crowd control effects and suddenly you have a weapon that is going to deal monster damage. The Warpwood can be crafted using engineering. Let’s move on to number 2, which is another Warhammer named Fury.


17:10 – Fury

This two-hander is similar to The Javelin of Dryadic Empowerment. It’s literally all Crit damage and chance increases, paired with Keenly Empowered, which gives the Empowered buff whenever you crit. The only difference here is that this weapon comes with a Retaliate gem, which gives a 15% damage boost after receiving 3 hits. There isn’t much to say about Fury. It’s a crit stick and I think players will enjoy it. If you want Fury, it drops from Chardis in the Lazarus Instrumentality dungeon.

Fury War Hammer New World

17:52 – Honorsbane

The last legendary weapon we are going to talk about today is a Hatchet named Honorsbane. This one-handed weapon has some decent perks that make it pretty flexible for most situations. First up is the Opportunist gem that will give you a 20% damage increase against targets with less than 30% health, which is great for finishing off enemies quickly. Then we have Corrupted Bane, which gives a nice 18% damage boost to any corrupted enemy, Chain Lightning for some AOE lightning damage and Mortal Lifesteal, which gives you 5% health back when you kill something. So, while this hatchet doesn’t do anything special or over the top, I feel like it will have a place for some players. We do not know where this weapon drops yet.


So, guys, that is it! Those are my top 18 New World Legendary weapons that I want to get my hands on in-game and use in later builds. I feel that they all bring something different to the table, but as you’re probably thinking, there are a lot of perks that are repeated through these. I think so too. I hope we get to see some more unique perks as the game evolves and they add more legendaries to the game. But we still have a whole other side of gear to talk about and that’s legendary armor! So that will be my next video. I hope you all enjoyed this one. Let me ask you, what legendary weapon are you most excited to use and if it’s not on this list, what is it?

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