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By no means is this going to be a definitive guide as the possibilities are practically endless since you can combine any two weapons as you see fit. There are no distinct “classes” in New World, so there are quite a number of options and combinations you can pick from. The New World is your oyster!

New World Weapons

10:51Ice Gauntlet
15:32Fire Staff
17:12Life Staff
19:53Sword and Shield
23:08Great Axe

Attribute Points

1:33 – Once you hit level 60, you’re going to be given 180 attribute points to spend but you can also get at least as many from gear, and with that, getting the right gear can act as a big role in the effectiveness of your build. Basically, all of the attributes have a soft capacity of 300. Beyond that, the extra points make a minimal difference, have diminishing returns, and there are no extra perks to be received. When it comes to perks, for every 50 points that you put into your attributes, you get a bonus perk that stacks.

0:47 – There are what we call “Hybrid Builds” but you are going to lose some efficiency, particularly when you get intensely involved in PvP, and this kind of build can put you at somewhat of a disadvantage.

How to Spend Your Attribute Points

2:49 – We are not going to give you exact percentages on how you have to spend your attribute points but instead, we are going to give you some broad examples of how some players can build a class. For example, if you are running a DPS class, then you would be looking to put around 75% of your attribute points into damage attributes which are: Strength, Dexterity, or Intelligence, while still depending on using melee weapons, ranged weapons, or magic. Just imagine these three attributes as damage attributes that are relevant to melee, ranged, and magic dependent on the type of weapon you are using.

What are you going to do with the remaining 25% of your attribute points if you’re running a DPS class? Constitution. This gives you an element of survivability and some buffs to keep yourself alive longer when in battle. No DPS can be an ultimate glass cannon; you will just get one-shotted.

Another example would be if you’re going to be leaning on the healer class side of things, your 75-100% would still be dependent on how involved in PvP and wars you’re going to be. If you’re just going to be walking around and doing PvE modes, you can probably get away with 100% attribute points on the Focus attribute as you can avoid damage, but you’d have to stay out of the wars and PvP fights.

5:32 – Hatchet

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“The Hatchet is a 1-handed weapon in New World that scales primarily from strength and secondarily from dexterity. It allows for very quick close quarters attacks making it an excellent option for an aggressive melee playstyle. You can also throw the axe to gain a tactical mid range advantage over your opponent in both PvP and PvE.

The hatchet deals slash damage with light attacks dealing 100% damage, the fourth (and last) attack of your light attack chain will deal 105% damage, heavy attacks deal 120% damage, and your charged heavy attack deals 160% damage. “

New World Hatchet Guide (Updated patch: July 20, 2021)

The Hatchet has two mastery trees which are the Berserker tree and the Throwing tree

The Berserker tree focuses on a fast-paced melee playstyle. The 3 active abilities in this tree consist of Feral Rush, Berserk, and Raging Torrent and the Key passive is Defy Death.

  • Feral Rush is a running melee attack that allows you to jump forward as well as hit your opponent twice. This ability deals 115 percent of your weapon damage on the first hit, and 130 percent of your weapon damage on the second strike, making it a hard-hitting ability. You’ll be able to choose between dispatch and devastating strikes as you continue through the Feral Rush skill. You will also get a 2-second root if you get a hit from behind!
  • The hatchet’s signature ability is Berserk. This ability will put you into berserk mode for 15 seconds if you utilize it. All attack damage will be boosted by 20% once you’re in berserk mode. Berserk also works with taunt gems, so you may put a carnelian gem in the hatchet’s gem slot and use the berserk ability to taunt all foes within an 8-meter radius.
  • Finally, there’s Raging Torrent. When you use this ability, it will launch four lightning-fast strikes, each doing 90 percent of your weapon’s damage. When you hit those with a raging torrent strike, you’ll receive haste (a 20% boost in movement speed), and if you time a light attack right at the conclusion of the ability, you’ll be able to perform an extra attack that deals 120 percent weapon damage.

7:37 – Musket

New World on Twitter: "🔫THE ARMORY - MUSKETS💥 Take a look at some of the  strongest Muskets available in-game! ⬇️Check the thread⬇️… "

“The Musket is an accuracy-based, single target, ranged hit-scan weapon in New World. The Musket scales from the dexterity stat primarily at 0.9X and has a secondary stat of Intellect (0.6x). The Musket is tied with the highest Critical damage modifier in the game at 1.4X and is currently the only hit-scan ranged weapon in New World. Every headshot with the musket deals critical damage.”

New World Musket Guide (Updated patch: July 19, 2021)

The Musket has two mastery trees which are the Sharpshooter and Trapper trees.

  • The Sharpshooter Tree’s active abilities are all based on dealing damage. Moving through the tree transforms the musket into the game’s most powerful weapon. Power Shot is the first ability. When you use a power shot, your musket is overloaded, and your next shot deals 150 percent weapon damage. The bulk of the Sharpshooter tree’s passives center upon the player doing damage when aiming down sights and taking headshots. If a direct hit is made while targeting within sight, the player receives a stackable 2.5 percent damage increase.
  • Crowd control and manipulating the movement speed of either the musket operator and the objective are important to the Trapper skill tree. Traps allow users to create a “trap” that lasts 20 seconds and disengages the victim for 3 seconds if it is triggered. The Trapper Tree features a diverse set of strong passives that can be used in any build. When used against targets with less than 30 percent health, Salt in the Wounds boosts damage by 15%. Weakened Defense provides 10 percent Armor-piercing damage to opponents who aren’t blocking with a shield and boosts Stamina damage by 200 percent against foes who use shields.
  • Headshots. You can do some serious work if you land a headshot. In the spec tree, focus on maximizing burst damage. Powderburn is the first recommended ability, as it applies a 9-second burn to the enemy. This is increased to 13 seconds in the event of a headshot. The second ability to consider is Power Shot – which gives 150% of base damage and gets even higher with a headshot.

9:28 – Spear

“The spear is a Two-handed weapon that deals thrust damage.  Its damage scales off Dexterity primarily and has a secondary stat of strength. The skill trees of the spear have a strong selection of both Crowd control and debuff abilities.  The spear also boasts the longest range of all melee weapons, giving some advantage in close-range combat.”

New World Spear Guide (Updated patch: July 21, 2021)

The Spear has two mastery trees which are the Zoner and Impaler trees.

  • The active abilities of the Impaler Tree revolve around applying DOTs and debuffs to your victim. Skewer lets you surge forward and deliver 125 percent weapon damage, as well as apply a bleed that does 10% weapon damage per second for ten seconds. Skewer, when improved, delivers 20% more damage to full-health opponents and gives empower on critical strikes, boosting damage by 20% for 10 seconds.
  • The Zoner tree’s active abilities all feature built-in CC and are focused on range and zone management. Javelin is the first active skill on the zoner tree. Javelin is a ranged missile that stuns and provides 125 percent weapon damage to your target. When Javelin is improved, it additionally knocks down your target and reduces its own cooldown by 50% if you hit it with a headshot.
  • The spear can deal large amounts of damage in small bursts. It also has the ability to lock enemies down with its debuffs. Note: The spear primaries with DEXTERITY, with Strength as its secondary attribute.

10:51 – Ice Gauntlet

The Ice Gauntlet is intellect-based that allows the wielder to cast spells as well as attack at range.  It is stacked with Crowd control and has a ton of area denial abilities.  The Ice Staff has a home in both DPS and PVP situations.  

New World Ice Gauntlet Guide (Updated patch: July 20, 2021)

The Ice Gauntlet has two mastery trees which are the Ice Tempest and Builder trees.

  • The Ice Tempest tree’s active abilities are based on AOE damage, while Ultimate Chill is a strong Key Passive. Ice Spikes is a cleave ability with a skill shot named Mighty Strike that is linked to it. It has an 8-meter range, although the player can terminate it at any time, triggering Mighty Spike.
  • The Builder tree’s Active abilities offer a lot of usefulness, but they can’t seem to find a focused theme. The major ability in the building tree is Ice Pylon. Even Ultimate Frost, the key passive, is tied to the Ice Pylon upgrade chain. The Ice Pylon is a ground-based turret that auto-attacks the closest target.
  • The Ice Gauntlet has incredible utility in wars. The AOE effect of Ice Storm can cover an objective and even force enemies off a certain point. It gives you the ability to control an area and is very useful in war.

12:30 – Bow

“The bow in New World is a versatile ranged weapon that provides both good AOE damage and some heavy hitting single target damage. It excels at kiting enemies and keeping them at range while being able to pop off abilities to damage and hinder your target. The Bow deals thrust damage with a short draw dealing 100% thrust damage and a long draw dealing 170% thrust damage.”

New World Bow Guide (Updated patch: July 11, 2021)

The Bow has two mastery trees which are the Skirmisher and Hunter trees.

  • The Skirmisher tree is centered on doing AOE damage and kiting your opponent. There are various slows in the tree that can assist you to kite your target, as well as an ability that allows you to remove yourself from your target. Poison Shot, Evade Shot, and Rain of Arrows are the three active abilities in this tree.
  • The Hunter tree emphasizes precise shooting by paying you even more for hitting headshots and strikes from a larger distance away. Rapid Shot, Penetrating Shot, and Splinter Shot are the three active skills in this tree. Concussion is the primary passive in this tree.

13:56 – Rapier

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“The Rapier is a very fast melee weapon that is focused on a variety of quick lunge attacks. It scales primarily off of dexterity and secondarily off of Intelligence. The rapier excels at outmaneuvering opponents and applying damage over time in the form of bleeds that will gradually drain your target’s health. There’s also the option of some burst damage when consuming the bleed. The rapier has many abilities that require precise timing, and if you can time the abilities correctly you will be rewarded for your efforts.”

New World Rapier Guide (Updated patch: July 11, 2021)

The Rapier has two mastery trees which are the Blood and Grace trees.

  • The Blood tree specializes on both damage over time and burst damage. Tondo, Flourish and Finish, and Flurry are the three active abilities in this tree. This tree does not have a single key passive, instead, the Flourish and Finish abilities can be improved.
  • The Grace tree is mostly concerned with outmaneuvering your opponent. The Grace tree’s powers require timing to be used properly. Riposte, Evade, and Fleche are three active abilities on the Grace tree. Momentum is the key passive in this tree.

15:32 – Fire Staff

New World Fire Staff Guide |

“The Fire staff is a mana-based weapon in New World that scales with intellect.  The Fire staff has a great single target and AOE damage making it a top-tier DPS weapon.  In this guide, we will discuss the Fire Staffs Mastery Tree,  recommended skills, and techniques to optimize the use of this weapon.”

New World Fire Staff Guide (Updated patch: September 03, 2020)

The Fire Staff has two mastery trees which are the Fire Mage and Pyromancer trees.

  • The main goals of the Fire Mage tree are to improve Critical Strike/Damage and Mana Management. Fire Ball is the greatest ability in this tree. Fireball is a wide ability that creates a burning field that deals DOT and can be improved to last for up to 9 seconds.
  • Damage throughout time and Defense are the focus of the Pyromancer ability tree and passives. The active ability Incinerate is the Pyromancer tree’s highlight. When cast, Incinerate has an AOE effect that affects the region surrounding the player. Any opponents within the AOE are knocked back. A DOT is also added to the base ability.

17:12 – Life Staff

Alpha Testing Resumes! - News | New World

“The life staff is a base weapon in New World that scales with focus.  It is currently the only healing weapon available in New World which means people interested in the support role will want to slot the life staff.  In this guide, we will discuss the life staff’s mastery tree, recommended skills, and techniques to optimize the healing and support role in New World.”

New World Life Staff Guide (Updated patch: July 08, 2021)

The Life Staff has two mastery trees which are the Healing and Protector trees.

  • This talent tree is centered on healing, as its name suggests. Divine Embrace is the tree’s main healing ability. It’s a single target heal that does 150 percent weapon damage and transforms into a chain heal if teammates in the vicinity are below 50% health.
  • Buffing your teammates is the focus of the Protector skill tree. The first ability is Orb of Protection, a projectile attack/heal that gives a 15% fortify boost for 20 seconds while also applying a modest heal over time. Because it is an intended shot, it necessitates considerable precision. If you land the orb, however, you will receive the fortify benefit as well as the ability to offer the fortify bonus to friends.

19:53 – Sword and Shield

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“The Sword and Shield in New World is a versatile weapon providing the ability to both dish out damage and tank a ton of damage. The Sword and Shield scales primarily off of strength but dexterity also contributes. It has some very good damage reduction abilities making this the premier weapon choice for tanking in New World. 

The Sword does a combination of slash and thrust damage. The sword has a 3 hit combo light attack chain. Light attacks from the sword deal 100% slash damage, and the end of the 3 chain light attack combination deals 105% slash damage. Your heavy attack with the sword deals 120% thrust damage, and the charged heavy attack deals 160% thrust damage.

You can’t light or heavy attack with the shield, but there are abilities that make it possible to deal damage with your shield. When dealing damage with the shield you will deal strike damage to your target.”

New World Sword and Shield Guide (Updated patch: July 12, 2021)

The Sword and Shield has two mastery trees which are the Sword Master and Defender trees.

  • The Swordmaster tree is a good choice for both PvP and PvE because it focuses on dealing damage. Reverse Stab, Whirling Blade, and Leaping Strike are the three active abilities in this tree. Leadership is the most important passive in this tree.
  • The Defender Tree emphasizes the use of your shield to do damage, Stun your enemies, and buffer damage. This tree’s powers, along with the shield’s powerful obstructing, make the sword and shield the best surviving weapon in New World. Shield Bash, Shield Rush, and Final Stand are the three active abilities in this tree. Defensive Formation is the key passive in this tree.

21:57 – War Hammer

“The War Hammer is a 2-handed weapon in New World that scales solely from strength. It excels at crowd control, and although the swings are slow it can dish out decent amounts of damage. It also has an ability that is taunt gem compatible making this a viable weapon to use for tanking in New World. The war hammer has a 2 swing light attack chain and deals strike damage. Light attacks deal 100% strike damage, heavy attacks deal 130% strike damage, and charged heavy attacks deal 170% strike damage.”

New World War Hammer Guide (Updated patch: July 10, 2021)

The War Hammer has two mastery trees which are the Juggernaut and Crowd Crusher trees.

  • Armor penetration and hard-hitting abilities are the focus of the Juggernaut tree. Armor Breaker, Mighty Gavel, and Wrecking Ball are the three active abilities in this tree. This tree does not have a distinct key passive, instead, the Mighty Gavel ability may be improved.
  • Crowd control is a major focus of the Crowd Crusher Tree. Shock Wave, Clear Out, and Path of Destiny are the three active skills in this tree, while Aftershock is the important passive. The Shockwave ability is taunt gem compatible, which makes it a great tanking ability. When you activate Shockwave, your hammer will crash into the ground, causing an AOE earthquake with a radius of 3 meters.

23:08 – Great Axe

“The Great Axe is a 2 handed weapon in New World that scales off of Strength.  The Great Axe excels at close ranged combat and provides good self healing and crowd control. This weapon can be used in both the tank and the DPS roles. In this guide, we will discuss the Great Axe’s mastery tree, recommended skills, and techniques to optimize the use of this weapon.”

New World Great Axe Guide (Updated patch: May 28, 2021)

The Great Axe has two mastery trees which are the Reaper and Mauler trees.

  • Mobility and critical attacks are the focus of the Reaper Skill Tree. You can charge to cover gaps by moving 10 meters forward and delivering 130 percent weapon damage. Charge may inflict additional damage dependent on distance traveled when completely improved and it also adds a skill shot. If you can right click at the correct time, you can increase the damage even more.
  • The Mauler tree is a crowd management and AOE damage powerhouse. Whirlwind is a spinning strike that does 50% weapon damage to all opponents in the vicinity with each revolution. To use this ability, you must maintain hitting a target in order to execute the following rotation. It may be improved to include 7 spins (up from 5) and speed up the ability’s strike speed by 50%.


Each of these weapons has a special place in a player’s usage. One just has to explore or try every last one of them to find out which one is their true calling when it comes to what they want to use to bash skulls with.

Test out different combinations and check out different mastery specs in this class builder:

Have fun and happy gaming!


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