Top 16 Loot Focused Isometric Action RPGs

Welcome back to the channel everyone, I’m Vulkan and today we are covering the top 16 loot-focused isometric Action RPGs that you need to check out! These range from classics, to sleepers, to redemption stories. Some of these you mostly likely already know, but there might be a few in here that surprise you, and as with any purchase these days.

Please do some extra research on your own to see if a game is truly one that you’ll enjoy. Also, don’t be afraid to wait for a sale to save some cash in today’s economy. So with that out of the way, let’s get to it. 

1. Grim Dawn

a. Grim Dawn is one of the premiere action RPGs on the market today. Even though it lacks flashy graphics, spell effects, and really just looks bad compared to other games out there, Grim Dawn more than makes up for it with its gameplay, class masteries, and deep modding community that even went as far as to recreate all of Diablo 2 through a mod called Reign of Terror. Plus the game frequently goes on sale creating an easy way for new players to check it out. One last thing, there is a modding group that creates seasons for Grim Dawn that you can take part in as well. 

2. Path of Exile

a. Path of Exile is touted as the king of Action RPGs by lots of players these days and honestly, it’s for good reason. The game has some of the deepest customization systems we’ve seen in an isometric ARPG. Path of Exile throws players into the deep end with little more than a short tutorial and their imagination to create the character of their dreams. The game sports a passive skill tree with over 1500 nodes, pair that with over 300 skills and supports and you can play almost any way you want to. Combine that with 10 acts of story and a brand new league every 3 months and you have yourself a game that you can come back to time and time again. 

3. Lost Ark

a. Lost Ark is the odd man out on this list as it’s an action MMO RPG, but still one that has earned it’s place among the ARPG genre. While the other games focus heavily on loot, Lost Ark brings top tier combat, story, and a huge online world to the table. Players get to pick from 15 advanced classes in the Western version with some classes still making their way over from the Korean version of the game. Lost Ark is still receiving frequent updates and will continue to add more and more content over time. If you are okay with endgame gear being less about loot fountains and more about content, then give this one a try. 

4. Diablo 3

a. Even though the recent release of Diablo Immortal soured the gaming industry’s view of Blizzard and the Diablo franchise, we can still appreciate what the previous games have given us. Diablo 3 released all the way back in 2012 and has since received one DLC and is still hosting seasons that add new twists to the already existing content. Be it through new gimmicks, balancing passes, or just giving players an alternative way of reaching endgame, Diablo 3 is still a popular place to be on the launch week for each season.

5. Diablo 2 Resurrected

a. Ask a handful of diehard ARPG fans what their first or favorite ARPG is and you’ll probably hear a good amount of them say Diablo 2. This was the game that truly put Action RPG on the map as a genre. So when Blizzard announced that they were going to be remastering Diablo 2 and releasing it as Diablo 2 Resurrected, the ARPG community was more than excited. The game received a huge facelift in terms of visual improvements, performance increases, and just an all-around better experience. If you missed the boat for the original Diablo 2 craze, this is a great way to experience that game again. 

6. Warhammer IM

a. Warhammer 40k: Inquisitor Martyr has one of the longest names for a video game, it’s brutal to say so we’re just going to call it Martyr from here on out. This game launched back in 2017 and was met with criticism for its new take on ARPG combat – it relied on cover. After some outcry from the playerbase, they ultimately overhauled combat to play more like Diablo and since then the game has seen more success. In Martyr, you get to pick from 4 classes: The Crusader, Assassin, Psyker, and Tech-Adept. Each one of these has subclasses to choose from, like an Assault Crusader, where you have a shield and sword versus a Tactical Crusader who relies on ranged weapons. Beyond that, Martyr also offers loads of story content and they also have seasons to help bring some extra gimmicks to their otherwise static game. 

7. Chaosbane

a. We just talked about the 41st Millennium, now let’s take a step back into the Old World with Warhammer Chaosbane. When this game released in 2019, it received tons of hype and unfortunately it didn’t live up to it. During my review, I called the game out as having incredibly fun combat, but it was too shallow and short for a fully priced game. However, since their release they have added a DLC, overhauled the loot and endgame system, and truly made it into a much more enjoyable experience. In Chaosbane, you can choose from 6 classes: Imperial soldier, Mage, Slayer, Scout, Engineer, and Witch Hunter. Each has two specializations and a slew of gear sets to farm out during endgame. 

8. Hero Siege

a. Hero Siege is a pixel art online ARPG that follows the traditional formula. You pick a class, grind through the story to endgame, farm for gear and then rinse and repeat each season. Where I find the most enjoyment in Hero Siege is in the classes. The game sports 19 unique and very different classes ranging from the White Mage to the Illusionist and everything in-between, even including a Redneck class! And each class has two talent trees that you can specialize in. When it comes to the combat in this game, it is incredibly well done and even though it’s a Pixel Art game, which some won’t enjoy, I would recommend giving it a chance as the gameplay elements make the install worth it.

9. Chronicon

a. Just like Hero Siege, Chronicon is a pixel art ARPG, though this game is created by a single developer and doesn’t have any online features, instead it’s just a good old fashioned game. Chronicon gives you 4 classes to choose from: The Berserker, Templar, Warden, and Warlock, each with many ways to customize your build. This is where Chronicon truly separates itself from other games out there. The power fantasy in this game is just unreal. Where typically ARPGs gate players and provide ceilings when it comes to equipping too many powerful pieces of gear, or they cap your skill points, Chronicon doesn’t. If you want to clear a full room using lighting or a bone storm, then grind the points and gear to do it! 

10. Anima

a. Anima: Reign of Darkness is a very, very on the nose tribute to Diablo 2. Originally launching as a mobile game, it has since made the leap to Steam and after sinking a decent chunk of hours into the game, it feels like a light meal compared to other ARPGs out there. So why is it on this list? Well, while it might be light for the hardcore fans, it is a pretty strong gateway to those who are trying out the genre for the first time or parents who want their kids to try out an ARPG that is a little more mature than Minecraft Dungeons, but not as complicated as Path of Exile or Diablo 2 Resurrected. 

11. Torchlight 2

a. Torchlight 2 is a fantastic game that grew to fame because it took the Diablo formula, added a unique and colorful twist that changed just enough to make it feel like a new experience while retaining the comfort of Diablo combat and progression. This makes since considering the game was created by former Diablo devs! So what makes Torchlight 2 worth your time? Well, Grim Dawn kicked off this list and one of the perks of the game was a strong modding community. That is exactly why Torchlight 2 is on this list. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great game on it’s own and I will recommend it every time, but if you are someone who has seen their fair share of Torchlight games, then maybe it’s time to try out a mod like Synergies that adds brand new towns, a brand new crafting system, legendary weapons, and is basically a huge DLC added to the game. 

12. Last Epoch

a. Last Epoch has been the neverending story in the ARPG community. This game originally started as a hobby project when a handful of folks got together and said “hey let’s make an ARPG!”. Since then, it’s grown into one of the more anticipated games that combines the feel and tone of Diablo 2 with the deep customization of Path of Exile. The unique thing about Last Epoch is that each skill has its own skill tree, giving players immense levels of freedom to create a build they truly want to play as. While the game is still in Early Access and continues to add content, new classes, and even multiplayer, the game is open to everyone on Steam. 

13. Titan Quest

a. Titan Quest was thought to be dead and gone until May 2019 when suddenly they announced a DLC that was immediately available. It was a huge surprise for ARPG fans and put a fresh breath of air into the lungs of a classic game that many adored and wished was still around. Since then, they have continued to add to the game through more DLC. Titan Quest is still one of my favorite games for its unique setting – plus it’s strong gameplay elements help keep it relevant through the years. 

14. Victor Vran

a. I’m going to be honest with you all, Victor Vran was never a game that stuck with me. The combat was good, but the gameplay loop and maps felt too arcadey, however, people really seem to enjoy it and with that, I wanted to make sure it made this list. The game features tons of loot, outfits to collect, ever-changing dungeons, and a handful of weapons that change the skills you can use – think Guild Wars 2. So overall, if you are looking for an ARPG that you can pick up, knock out a few maps, then log off, give this one a look! 

15. Van Helsing

a. Continuing with the vampire theme, let’s talk Van Helsing: the Final Cut. This game is a compilation of all three van helsing games remastered into a single experience. Now, when I chat ARPGs with people, I almost never hear about this game and I feel that’s pretty sad because it’s a good game and has a different setting that you typically see! You have 6 classes to choose from, each with unique skills to help give them some identity, even using weird Frankenstein-like science to slay enemies. And you even have multiple levels of endgame with the Glory system, Scenarios, and events that change daily and weekly. Overall, if you’ve played most ARPGs and want something a little different, check this one out. 

16. Wolcen

a. Last up is Wolcen. This was a game that broke my heart when it first launched. Having played the alpha and seeing what amazing concepts were there in an open world setting, I was sorely disappointed when almost none of that ended up in the launch version – but what it did have was tons and tons of bugs. Fast forward a few years and Wolcen is actually a pretty solid ARPG these days. They overhauled the endgame system, fixed most of the bugs, and have been adding rotating content into the game. However, I will say that if you weren’t a fan of the combat system, that hasn’t changed. But if you didn’t refund and want to see what the game has turned into, I’d recommend giving it a go. 

So folks, there it is! The list of ARPGs that I think each fan of the genre should check out and play! So I want to hear from you all, what games did I miss or do you have one that you absolutely love and want to talk more about in the comments below? 

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