Friday Night Funkin’ – Top 5 Depressing Mods

Friday Night Funkin’, aka FnF, uses bright colors and fun, family-friendly gameplay. It would be fair to assume that there would be a limited amount of sad and emo-type content in the game, but you would be wrong. Truth is, there are a number of sad and depressing mods and in this article and we’ll cover the top five most depressing FnF mods.

Top 5 Most Emo Mods

#1 – Everywhere At The End Of Funk

Of all the FnF mods, this one is the darkest. It’s a mod based off the “Caretaker’s Everywhere At The End Of Time” album. The mod is about forgetting things, forgetting your life, and dementia. This is a great mod, but it is dark. You’ve been warned!

Download here:

#2 – Sad Days Funkin’ FULL MOD

While not quite as depressing as the EATOF mod, it’s definitely up there. In this mod, the world has entered into an apocalypse and the people are running out of supplies. Lawlessness and anarchy reign supreme and only the strong will survive. BF and GF are together, but every time they defeat someone, they’re killed.

Download here:

#3 – Depressed Demon over Monster (week 2)

The depressed state of this mod is pretty much given away in the title. This unique mod is based off the “eyepatch design” that came with the “Monster ain’t got no phone” meme song. The demon has one eye, and he’s not a pirate. Can someone get this guy an iPhone, stat?

Download the mod here:

#4 – Friday Night Funkin’ – Vs. Nobody

Vs. Nobody is a dark, horror-inspired mod that excels in providing an unsettling, creepy feeling via excellent music and ambiance.

Download the mod here:

#5 – Depressed Pico Skin

The fifth and final depressing mod is Depressed Pico Skin. Pico is pretty much everybody’s favourite gun-toting maniac and in this mod, he goes to battle with boyfriend. Pico has a rather sad-looking countenance.

Download mod here:

Download Friday Night Funkin’ – The Game here:

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