Top 5 Friday Night Funkin’ Mods

Are you ready for our look at the best Friday Night Funkin’ Mods? Check out our favorites below!

Zardy Foolhardy

Zardy Foolhardy is a great mod! It is extremely fun and it is very hard – a great combo. You start off in a cornfield and, well, it gets rough because Zardy shows up to challenge you. He is arguably harder to beat than Whitty, who’s hard enough! In the video above, watch Bijuu Mike battle it out with Zardy!

V.S. Whitty

V.S. Whitty is arguably the second hardest mod to beat. As with most mods, this one starts rather ominously. You and your girlfriend are walking down a dark alleyway when you see a glow coming from around the corner. Against your better judgment, you opt to explore and Whitmore, aka Whitty, shows up and challenges you to a battle. He’s a tricked-out Rockstar and he has beef with your girlfriend’s parents. (WTF?) Game on.

The Tricky Mod

The Tricky mod is yet another very difficult mod. Are you detecting a pattern here yet? This mod brings “Tricky the clown” from Madness Combat to the party and he’s a handful, to say the least. He’s got green skin, red hair, and he doesn’t have any eyes, ears, or nose. Like some kind of damned alien Mr. Potato Head.

Friday Night Funkin, But Bad

This mod might have “bad” in the title but it’s fun bad, not bad-bad, if that makes any sense. Imagine if the game was drawn by a 9-year old in MS Paint and that might give you a feel for just how strange this mod is. The sound is also really bad and the voice actor sounds like a squeaky-voiced 9-year old. Perfect.

Hellbeats Mod

The fifth and final mod in our top 5 list of best FnF mods is the Hellbeats mod. Oh yes, the beats from hell have arrived, and they are playing for keeps. Funkin’ hell, this is hard to beat!


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AuthorCurtis Pyke
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GameFriday Night Funkin’

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