Little Big Workshop – What the heck is it!?

Little Big Workshop is, as the name suggest, a factory simulation and resource management game presented in a adorable chibbi-like art-style. It’s brought to the world by it developer Mirage Game Studios, and it’s publisher Handy Games.

What sets LBW apart from the rest of the games in it’s genre is that is made not for the challenge, but for those who enjoy the genre, but at the end of the day do not feel like having their APM tested. It’s for what games were once made solely for, relaxation and pure enjoyment.

If the cute little characters running around weren’t an indication of this, and the presentation wasn’t enough, then listen to some of the soundtrack, and watch some of the game-play. You will quickly come to understand that Little Big Workshop was made to put a smile on your face, and let you live out your endeavor as factory tycoon with the world in your palm.

Your goal is to simply be better than your competing factory. The bad guy will try everything to make you go under. He’ll undersell you, flood the market with your product, kick your dog. So with your superior factory nuance, you’ll try to mitigate his meddling and end up having the more successful business.

What’s fantastic about the game is that you have options. You want to have your little worker dudes happy and be less focused on productivity and profits, and have aesthetically pleasing work environments that anyone would be happy to spend their days inside? Well, you go ahead and do that. HOWEVER..

If that’s not going to meet your factory simulation standards, and you want to turn your hand at being a malevolent leader of the working class masses, that’s where The Evil DLC comes in. That’s right. It’s called ‘The Evil DLC’. Charging money to allow the player to fully appreciate corporate greed is the purest and most funny form of irony.

What does the Evil version add? I’m glad you asked. You get the option to compete against other companies to see who can make the most dosh just like the main game, BUT whilst also running your workers down the seven steps of grief into a dark-pit of work-induced despair. You get to play as the antagonist from the main game, which is pretty cool. You get more recipes for items to build, your little dudes get an evil-makeover, there’s more skills and schemes – it’s great.

So, if the relaxing that comes from running a little workshop isn’t for you, and you want to rule the corporate world with an iron fist, well you can play either way. Either way Little Big Workshop is out right now if you want to give it a go, the DLC is only $15.00AUD and if you love or hate either the game or the pack, let us know!

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