Hunt: Showdown – Bosses Guide

The Butcher

The Butcher is a walking sack of flesh-meat. He has many different types of attack, including a “Frenzy mode” where he goes off and relentlessly attacks you. His first attack is the “hook” attack can also set the player on fire. For his rage attack he casts out a crazy fireball. The butcher also runs at the players at the same speed as their sprint speed so he is fast as hell, on top of being dangerous.

The worst thing about the butcher is he leaves a fire patch behind him, so if you try to walk around him, well, there is fire behind him. The one weakness he has is he is easy to kill with an axe. Use your strong attack so you can stun him, however if he goes into frenzy mode you will want to run away and let him pop his cool downs. If you can throw a well placed piece of dynamite or a sticky bomb, you can really hurt him. 

The Spider

Of all the bosses, this one is the scariest of them all. It is a fast target, and it has many attacks, including a frenzy mode. The first attack is a pounce, it screeches before it jumps. If you hear a screech, get some distance quick. If you have a serious weapon, like a double barrel ‘shotty’ for example, it can stop the pounce in its tracks. If the Spider is on the roof, it can use its spit attack – it hurts, and it is also poisonous. Don’t bring poison to a fight, as it is ineffective. The Spider’s weakness is blunt weapons and fire. Kill it with FIRE!  

The Assassin

The Assassin will keep you on your toes, literally. The first attack he uses is a stab attack. He will come up behind you with a spear from one of his bones and will make you bleed. Watch your back around him. He can also uses his bones as a ranged attack. 

Oh, and he has a clone attack too. Another fun attack he has is a bug attack. He will throw a load of bugs at you and it will impact your vision if he hits you. His weakness is poison. If you have any poison grenades, launch them.  And the shotgun is also very effective against him. 


A giant bird with loads of storage is probably the best way to characterize Scrapbeak. When you get to him, there are no weapons or health or ammo around him, so you have to fight him with whatever you come in with. In regards to his attacks, he has axes, hammers, shovels, pitchforks, you name it. He is like a walking Home Depot. His range attacks is a barbed wire bomb, and it is nasty. It does do bleed damage and it slows you down, so stay vigilant. You can use a longer range weapon to break the razor wire – the pitchfork is effective. 

Scrapbeak’s frenzy is not very convincing, however his movement speed increases considerably.  His last frenzy, a nasty scream, is rather jarring.  He is weak to poison because he is a humanoid, however he is really weak to fire.  You want to kill him with fire. 


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