Friday Night Funkin’ – Vs. Banjo and Kazooie – Full Week [Demo]

Banjo vs. Kazooie Mod

Are you ready to go back to the late 90’s? Well, with the new VS. Banjo vs. Kazooie mod for Friday Night Funkin’ you can! The art, the music, the graphics – everything in this mod screams out 1998! This mod is still in demo mode however it is very fun and very playable in its current state!

Sample Dialogue:

Banjo: “Heya, what brings you all the way up to spiral mountain”?

Kazooie: “This better be good Banjo, I was yelling at bottles”.

Boyfriend: “Beep”.

Kazooie: “What was that, shorty? I don’t understand your language”!

Banjo: “Well, clearly he’s worried, think you could try to explain to us what’s wrong”?


Download Friday Night Funkin’ here:

Download the Vs. Banjo and Kazooie [FULL WEEK DEMO] mod here:

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