Turbo Golf Racing

Turbo Golf Racing is an Arcade Sports razing golf game where your objective is to send the ball through the golf course and hit the hole before anyone else does. If you are a fan of rocket league then this game is right up your ally.


The game is 1 to 8 players and if you are familiar with rocket league, you’ll know the buttons are pretty much the same. You’ve got your double jump, your double turn, and hand breaks.

This is all done in a similar style to Rocket League however you need to bring the ball from your starting section to the golf hole first. On the racing field there are rockets, shields, and turbo boosts to help you on the way (so much fun)!

All that said, be warned – hitting the ball too far will take you out of bounds. Also, the game has three maps to go through and they are selected at random.

At the end of the game, depending on what place you come in… You will be rewarded with gears and other things. If you get first place, you’ll be rewarded with a crown that can get you some amazing gear.

Garages and customization

In Turbo Golf Racing you can customize your vehicle and, throughout the game, you’re going to end up having loads of cool new gear and colours and other fun stuff to put on your car.

Right at the start (after the tutorial), you will be provided with four cars of your choice and once you get that car you can (later on) end up getting different types of cars.

Also, later on in the game you can change the colour of your car and you can also upgrade your bowl – you can even make it small but fast or magnetic so it’ll go closer to your car when you’re near the ball. Also, with the season pass, you can now unlock exclusive gear!


Honestly it is a really pretty looking game just like Rocket League because I can’t stress this enough how this game just reminds me of Rocket League but in a golf course!

Everything just looks pretty and makes you want to really enjoy yourself so with that being said the visuals are top notch even for potato computers!


Straight up there isn’t too much to talk about in terms of sounds and music. I think this game would really benefit from working with, or getting sponsored by, a top shelf DJ and / or record company. I think it would be pretty cool to add this however the game sound and audio is still great.


Overall this game is very addictive – I haven’t had fun like this since I first played Rocket League many years ago! I’m glad there’s a new, fresh racer and I can’t help but feel that with bold type games like this the wild and whacky type racer is in good hands.

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