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Friday Night Funkin’ – Smoke ‘Em Out VS Garcello Mod

FNF Smoke Em Out Mod – Sad Boy

Friday Night Funkin‘ is known for a lot of things but it’s not too big on the “feels”, if you know what I mean. At least until this mod came out.

The developer apparently got the idea to create this mod while he/she was in the shower. Riiight…

The boyfriend and girlfriend notice a strange glow coming from an alleyway… Smoke ‘Em Out is an original full week mod. You face off against a man named Garcello. He wants to apply peer pressure to boyfriend to get him to smoke a very strange cigarette (smoking is bad, people). If you see a guy like Garcello in an alleyway, stay away from him!

This mod has 3 original songs in it, they are: Headache, Nerves, and Release.

“What’s up Little Man? Did the smoke catch your attention? Yeah, it’s pretty cool, you should try it out!” Yep, Garcello is up to no good. As you can imagine, you’ll have to beat him in a friendly rap battle. If you do, he’ll get off your case.




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