New World MMO Starting Guide – 7 Mechanics You May Not Know About (Beginner’s Guide, Tips and Tricks)

Here are seven facts you probably didn’t even know about the game mechanics in New World. These will include stuff we’ve seen in different patch notes all throughout years, as well as a handful of surprises that they don’t always reveal right away!

Beginning – 00:00
Campfire QoL Mechanics #1 – 00:52
Faction Changing #2 – 02:38
Remote Crafting System #3 – 03:22
Mob Weakness/Strengths #4 – 04:22
Settlement Item Transfer #5 – 05:25
Artifact & Regular Schematics #6 – 06:25
Honorable Mentions – 07:29
Spirit Shrines #7 – 08:42
Conclusion – 09:50

00:52 – #1 Campfire QoL Mechanics

So, if you’re unaware, once you’ve completed the tutorial, you’ll be able to go directly into the main questline. You’ll get the ability to build a campfire at some point throughout this, which may be utilized as a portable respawn spot as well as a limited constructed station that you can use anytime you choose.

To improve this campfire, they altered it from requiring you to level up your character to requiring you to complete particular questlines. If you want to know the levels you need to attain in order to access the next campfire request, hit K and go to your characteristics menu, then select “leveling rewards,” where you’ll find several milestones.

If you wish to know where these questlines are, open your map and click the objectives icon to get a complete list of questlines you may take. There are certain limits for campfires, such as the fact that they cannot be put inside a landmark, which means that there is a radius surrounding various areas of interest that prevents you from building one in.

02:38 – #2 Faction Changing

We know that New World has three separate groups that you will meet throughout the game. The Syndicate, the Covenant, and the Marauders. Starting at level 10, you will be able to pick a faction, and any firm you create or join must be affiliated with that faction.

You may now change your faction on your own. There are certain limitations to this, such as the fact that you cannot switch to the most powerful group in the region. You can only transfer factions once per 120 days, and your faction rank and tokens will be reset if you do so.

03:22 – #3 Remote Crafting System

You may optimize every single crafting and trade skill occupation on one character, and a feature of the life mechanism you may not be aware of is that you do not need the crafting ingredients to be physically on your character in order to make these goods.

By going to a workbench or whatever station you use for your job and opening that station, you can conduct remote crafting. All of the materials in your bank will become accessible for crafting. With localized storage, you’ll have a distinct storage system from the others, and any resources you have in that bank will be accessible from the station.

04:22 – #4 Mob Weaknesses and Strengths

The adversaries of New World are made up of roughly four main family groupings, not including the animals. The Lost, Angry Earth, Ancients, and Corrupted are some of the titles available. You may recall the polished jewels from earlier articles; we can socket them into pieces of gear to connect various components to them. The various mafia families have distinct strengths and weaknesses when it comes to dealing with various factors.

For example, the Corrupted are weak against the Empowered or Magic element, but strong against the Void element, which appears to be evil magic. This is due to the Corrupted’s strong ties to that element.

05:25 – #5 Settlement Item Transfer

After a while, you’ll most likely have several separate banks loaded to the brim. There are items that can assist with this, such as storage chests that you can put in your house, or unlocking the storage increase perk when you level up in inventory standing, or you could come across anything in the bank that you need for crafting or just require.

You can move things from a distant storage to the one you’re currently at for a fee of gold, and then withdraw or store them from there. To begin, open your storage and select the one you want to transfer from from the drop down option that appears where it says “storage location.”

06:25 – #6 Artifact and Regular Schematics

This is particularly well-known for furnishing, although they’re also known as Artifact and Regular Schematics. The standard schematics are like scrolls of paper that you may find in the environment and use to unlock new crafting recipes inside the benches forever.

Artifact crafting recipes are very uncommon, with a significantly smaller probability of dropping, and you can only use them once to make whatever item they are. These are likely to be some of the most valuable goods in the game.

08:42 – #7 Spirit Shrines

We’d seen these all around town but had no idea what they were. Spirit Shrines are the publicly available fast travel stations that may be found dispersed across Aeternum’s many zones. These are carefully positioned to help visitors to quickly go to different parts of the map that are generally near to the content they’re looking for.


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