New World Beginners Guide – Everything Essential You NEED To Know When Starting in New World!

A guide where we will teach you the simple do’s and dont’s, while throwing in some tips and tricks as well for you to get started on your new adventure in Amazon’s New World MMO! Another open world, crafting, looting, smacked with PvP and PvE elements, factions quests, and everything MMO related, to quench your thirst in this gaming scenery. Confusing and overwhelming as it may seem, they have it all for you and it doesn’t take time for a pro like you to get used to an amazing game like this.


We will try out best not to give out spoilers as much as we can with this guide but we won’t make promises.

0:37 What you would want to do first is to start doing all of the intro quests you have. Most games have a tutorial you just can’t skip even though you already played thousands of hours of games. The tutorial basically teaches you the movement and combat mechanics of the game and after all of that is over, you will get into the main part of the game where you can go ahead and complete initial quests in a certain area.

A snapshot of the beginning of the New World!

Killing and gathering items while performing activities that will be repeated for the remainder of your stay in New World. On the other hand, the missions will teach you how to play smartly and how much you need to accomplish to advance in the world, as well as provide you with equipment that you’ll need to begin gathering resources throughout the world. These quests will feel the effect of the game and show you how to set up and finish tasks in the outset.


8:27 You kind of follow the main plot along once you’ve left the starting or introductory area and been dispatched to town. You will reach a moment where you will be needed to level up in order to continue questing. You know the drill: most MMO games require you to reach level thousand in order to go through the main plot.

Faction quests are the most common way to level up. Depending on whatever one you pick, it’ll be either Covenant, Syndicate, or Marauders. Certain missions will be available through the faction masters. The bottom row contains PvP-enabled quests, which implies that accepting one of them will make you a PvP pilot. Tip: If you’re doing this outside of the settlement with it on and you spot players from the other faction,

Upgrading buildings and workstations will be town company tasks that are great for earning money, XP, and improving your town’s reputation. If you have selected your own business or an ally company in your home town, you may go ahead and assist them in leveling up these structures, which will allow you access to higher tier crafts as you go.


1:34 If you look at places on your map, you’ll see a boundary where their radius extends throughout the entire area. Once you’re inside, everything you do will count toward your standing gain in that area. For example, completing missions, killing monsters, and gathering items in Windswood will earn you standing points. All of these factors contribute to the area’s total level, as well as your own player level.

A snapshot of New World’s map focusing on Windswood.

When you do actually level up your standing with that particular territory, it gives you a choice of three different things that you can select.

XP gain options
  • The XP storage is the greatest option since it allows you to keep more items in your bank. Each region has its own storage shed system that is shared by everyone in that town, but no things are transferred between them. Things will have to be stored separately or transferred across.
Standing gain options
  • Obtain the standing gain if you truly want another strong attribute, and this looks a little strange to get because it boosts your level quicker for the territory standing. The reason for this is because you may obtain more perks faster, and you also receive extra XP each time you raise your territorial standing level with a certain region.
  • The more levels you have, the more XP you get, allowing you to level up much faster while farming monsters and performing missions in other parts of the region.

PRO TIP: One good thing to do is to designate one place as your base location, where you can concentrate on things like setting up your store and perhaps some crafts. Depending on how you choose to play the game, gathering speeds things up. Wherever feasible, emphasis on XP and standing gain prizes, since this will help you to move as quickly as possible.


3:36 Don’t you just hate it when you’ve spent so many hours trying to gain XP points but not getting enough for what you have worked for? Never fear as we have some tips for you to be more efficient when playing New World!

Continuing on to being just efficient, whether conducting missions or town board quests, many of the town board tasks will be tasks that you can accomplish while playing the game.

  1. For example, catching rabbits or gathering specific resources such as wood, green wood, stone, stone bricks, and other such items. It will improve your refining talents once you have gathered the raw ingredients. So you go ahead and turn things in for a new quest after smelting, wood cutting, stone cutting, and integrating it into the real substance. Some of them, however, might be for raw resources, such as 300 green wood.
  2. Getting a group together in a certain location is highly effective since it allows you to focus on one region of the map rather than having to trek to many other locations throughout the game. You may gather all of your missions in one place and accomplish them all before returning to town. If all of your tasks are in one location, you can complete them all in one go.
  3. Another efficient trick is that once you finish your quests in that particular area, go to your ESC button and click respawn and choose the nearest settlement that will take you back to the territory/settlement nearby. Thus, making it easier for you to hand in the quests straight away! Though this will still equivalate as to you normally dying and your gear will get slightly damaged.


6:07 When it comes to broken equipment and weaponry, you don’t want to carry them about because they’ll be worthless in the long run. You’ll have the option of swapping out your stuff or simply remaking the majority of what you’ve got. However, after you reach level 20-30, recreating your gear will become an issue because you will be holding it for a longer period of time.

You must recycle older weapons in order to get repair weapons. Salvage all of your tools, gear, and any spare armor you have. This will then provide you with certain supplies as well as repair components. Repair components may be located near the gold and counter at the bottom of the inventory. Repairing objects so that they can be used for extended periods of time.


6:35 Particular resources from the associated skill will become trackable or visible on the map if you reach a certain milestone. When you reach level 50 in hunting and tracking, for example, you can see turkeys and rabbits on the map and track them as you go about the area. They will appear in a highly visible manner. When compared to when the talent is not unlocked, it is a very useful skill.

Your cross-country gathering talents would be one of the most important things to uncover, and once you do, you’ll realize how effective they are. It’s a highly strong tool that may be used for mining and gathering.

Every ability has its own version, and as you level up, the higher level resources get recorded, allowing you to see where the majority of the items are on the map.


7:27 Weapons in the New World use their own system, and you may use almost any weapon you want at any time as long as you’re willing to level it up. Every weapon starts at level zero, and as you level up your proficiency with that weapon, additional talents become available. These talents can be passive or active, and they grant you a specific number of points to be used on skill trees.

In connection with it, you get XP for your weapon by using it to kill monsters, opponents, and even other players. If you have PvP enabled, your weapon will eventually level up. You’ll see that your weapon’s mastery increases, and after you’ve reached a level, press default bind and choose a new active or passive skill to uncover.


9:40 After you’ve gotten through the game’s initial instructional stages, you may indeed start building a camp. Outside the default bind, somewhere in the wild. This is why you can set up camp anywhere in the world and make basic equipment and food supplies, among other things.

You may have a mobile respawn beacon by setting up camp. When you’re out on a mission far from a village, this is critical. If you die while completing these missions, the camp will let you revive near the goal.

If you’ve set up camp, you can use it to fast travel across, so if you’re travelling farther distant and want to return to a specific spot every time you die, you’ll be able to do so if you haven’t logged out in the meanwhile.


10:33 Amazon added a fast travel system called fast travel shrines. They are available in each major settlement as well as jotted throughout the world. You will have to find them yourself and once you do, go over them, stand in the radius of it and activate it. This will actually unlock it onto the map for you. You can continue to travel between them for a certain amount of Azoth.

You cannot however fast travel to a settlement or any other fast travel shrine from anywhere on the map. You must be at another shrine in order for the fast travel to work.


11:08 Once you start slaying enemies and looting, Azoth will appear all over the place. It may also be found through portals, which you will discover through the game’s plot and tasks. Don’t be concerned if it appears to be rather costly at first. Later in the game, Azoth becomes more inexpensive and sensible.

One thing to keep in mind when combining this with fast travel: the more weight your character carries, the more expensive fast travel becomes.

You don’t want to waste any by fast travelling unnecessarily. Make sure that you bank all of your items at the nearest settlement before fast travelling as this will reduce the cost significantly.


11:48 Different tiers are attainable depending on your overall character’s level. After you’ve gotten through tier 1, which is the tutorial gear, you’ll want to obtain tier 2, which is the beginning gear. You must be at least level 1 and no more than level 19. Tier 3 armors and weapons are available after you reach levels 20 through 39. Tier 4 consists of levels 40 to 59, after which level 60 grants entry to tier 5, the best tier in the game.


13:54 Another big aspect of New World is refining and crafting, which follows on well from the aforementioned gear and weaponry. As you level up your crafting talents, you’ll have an increased chance of creating better and better tier goods and weapons, with a greater possibility of becoming an uncommon, rare, or legendary weapon as time goes on.

Azoth is another item that can be used to improve crafts, but you can manufacture tools, armors, and weapons in particular, and the greater your crafting abilities are, the more likely you are to receive a higher rarity item from a craft.


14:27 Bags are another important factor to consider right at the start of the game. The bag will allow you to store more items in your inventory, and if you’ve played for more than an hour, you’ll know that this is a must-have item.

Make them as quickly as possible for the extra carry space, and one thing to keep in mind is that your faction master will offer you a ton of holding faction points. It costs 1000 faction points to purchase, and when you do, you may attach it to your bag to boost your carrying capacity even further.

Once you level up, you can upgrade the tier of the bag, which will enhance the bag’s holding capacity. It may provide you a lot more capacity right away, which can be quite helpful while you’re attempting to level up through crafting and looting.

I think these tips and tricks will get you over the moon in Amazon’s New World! From tutorial tips to weapon crafting, seems to me that we have all of you covered. There are tons of useful things to be read and watched. Here’s to high hopes and lots of Azoth! Have fun and happy gaming!

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