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How To Farm Orichalcum Solo – New World

Orichalcum – Where To Farm

As you are no doubt aware, Orichalcum is a high-end ingredient used in crafting, particularly when making epic and legendary gear.

Finding and mining Orichalcum is both highly rewarding, as it is used for a lot of endgame things, and quite difficult to collect (when playing solo). Most of the areas that have deposits are level 60+ in nature and are too hard to fight through or take too long to do. The route outlined in this guide is primarily for solo players who want to avoid the elite fights. To farm a lot of this, simply head to one of these three places: Imperial Palace in Ebonscale, Nihilo Visage in Great Cleave, or the Myrkgard Cathedral in Shattered Mountain.

Where To Farm Orichalcum

Farming Route

The best route at this time takes place in Ebonscale. This isn’t so much of a route as it simply farming and clearing two landmarks. First off, clear and mine the Water Shrine. Note that the nodes are up on the wooden platforms (if you can’t find them). Once you are done there, head north to the Sky Shrine. The nodes are against the ridgeline or up on the cliffs. This route should take you less than twenty minutes, and you’ll get approximately 355 Orichalcum per trip.

Finally, keep in mind that this is a higher-level zone, and they are guarded by a host of elite 60+ mobs. Stay vigilant, keep your eyes on the prize, and make sure you don’t over-pull.



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