Genshin Impact | NOELLE Constellation 6 – TEAM COMP Setup & ABYSS

Genshin Impact – Noelle Constellation

Hello in this video i made a showcase lv.90 Noelle Constellation 6, It is world level 7 AR 52 ! There is a Shattered Reaction Team (Frozen Maid) Test on Abyss Floor 12 and Re-adjusting my noelle Burst calculation for Cons 6 and No Cons. Cheers!

Time Stamp:

00:00 Intro

00:34 WhiteBlind Lv.90 Refinement 3 – looking to increase to refinement 5 if able to get another prototype.

00:50 Artifacts – Note: For the sands I use E. Charge.

01:12 Constellation – For 6 cons Noelle – build her defence to the max. If you do not have Cons 6 – boost her maximum Potential as Main DPS by Increasing her ATK and use Gladiator Finale.

01:22 Burst Calculation

01:48 Talents – Main DPS Talents are 1-3-2 or 3-1-2. Support Talents order is 2-3-1.

01:59 Overall stats

02:26 Frozen Maid Team – We are going to use “Reaction Shattered” Since Noelle is a Claymore user + Geo Element. It should be easier to trigger the “Shattered” reaction.

02:48 SHATTERED Reaction – A shattered reaction is triggered by the following: Hydro + Cryo + Geo or Hydro + Cryo +Claymore or Frozen + Heavy Damage. Note: Some people don’t realize that shattered damage is produced that way. Mostly because there is no word “Shattered” and the number colour is “white”. Shattered damage is based on level and Ele. mastery.

03:28 T-Rex Lapis Team

04:02 Floor 12 Abyss Ch 1 (Frozen Maid)

05:14 Floor 12 Abyss Ch 2 (Frozen Maid)

07:02 Floor 12 Abyss Ch 3 (Frozen Maid)

09:42 Floor 12 Abyss Ch 1 (T-REX Lapis)

10:53 Floor 12 Abyss Ch 2 (T-REX Lapis)

12:36 Floor 12 Abyss Ch 3 (T-REX Lapis)

14:20 Outro

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