How To Remove Misplaced Walls And Floors in Valheim

Ever wondered how to remove a wall, or any structure for that matter, without destroying it in Valheim? Wonder no further, as this guide shows you how.

Remove Structures

The best way to remove a wall or structure is by pressing the middle scroll wheel while you have your hammer selected. I should note that the game suggest you use the “third mouse button” however that is fancy talk holding down your mouse scroll wheel.

Not only does it remove the wall / structure, it also refunds you the exact same amount of wood that you used originally. This way you don’t have to worry about making any building mistakes as you can simply re-do if you misplace or make a mistake.

Change Settings / Deconstruct

Another important point is that you can change the settings and key binds in the settings menu. Simply select the key or button that you feel most comfortable with for this action and presto.


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