Necromunda: Hired Gun – Enter the Hive Trailer

Focus Home Interactive and Streum On Studio just dropped the Enter the Hive Trailer for Necromunda. Necromunda: Hired Gun will be available for PC and consoles on June 1. The trailer also highlights the Martyr’s End – this will allow players to stock up different equipment, weapons, information, purchase upgrades, customize character and more. 

The trailer also enumerates the different factions that players can interact with in the game, this includes, enforcers, mutants, gang members, and the mysterious, powerful Imperial Inquisition. It also shows that players can design their own character and modify them with 12 types of bionic implants. And of course it won’t be a shooting game, without showcasing its weapons, their website says that “Right from the start you have your pick of bolters, autoguns, long-las rifles, plasma guns, power knives, grenade launchers, and much more.” 

Necromunda: Hired Gun will be available on June 1 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Pre-ordering the game will come with the “Hunter’s Bounty” pack which features unique cosmetics for your knife, stub gun, outfit and new chew toy for your cyber mastiff. Physical copies will be released on June 30th.

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