New World – 12 Critical Tips You Need To Know

New World Tips

New World is a brand-new game and there is a lot of little tips and tricks that will help make your life easier. With this guide, we’ve compiled all the key pieces of advice that will help make your adventure in Aeternum enjoyable and less frustrating!

Keep Eating

One of the most basic things that you can do to improve your time with New World is to be constantly eating. Keep a slew of rations on yourself and eat them often. There are two reasons for this. One, this activates your health regen and two, eating rations provides other benefits like mana regen or increased movement speed. Sure, there are potions, but rations are easier to craft and provide that passive regen over time which is useful both in and out of combat.

Manage Your Weight

Weight is a major factor in New World, especially when it comes to your character’s ability to fight. If you are too heavy, your ability to dodge will suffer. One big tip to make sure you aren’t wearing your shield if you not using it. This adds extra weight that will push you into a heavier weight category.

New World Weight Management

Remember to Setup Camp

New World is all about spending as much time in the world as possible and with that you need a place to rest and craft. So, remember to set your campsite by pressing the Y Key.  This can be used to rest, cook, and resurrect if you die, otherwise you’re going to be running back and forth from the nearest settlement or fort.

New World Camp

Use Map and Compass to Find Resources

One of the biggest questions I always see is how to find certain resources. It’s not exactly obvious, but you can use your map and compass to locate them. If you open your map, you can see the different types of terrain that have certain resources, and when you’re in the area, you can use your compass to see the different resource icons to find them.

Quest Efficiently

This is an MMO Tip as old as time, but remember to pick up all the faction quests, town projects, and side missions in each settlement before you leave. You can take care of a lot of the faction quests and town projects passively while you’re finishing your side or main quests.

Utilize Inn Recall and Azoth Fast Travel

The world of New World is a big one and it can take a long time to run from place to place, so make sure to take advantage of your Inn recall and fast travel! You can open your map and hover over a settlement, then click on Recall to Inn to fast travel back to that settlement. But keep in mind, you can only be checked into one inn at a time and can only fast travel there for free. But you can also fast travel using azoth to any settlement or shrine you’ve previously visited.

Azoth Fast Travel

Inventory Weight Matters

Just like character armor weight, you need to be wary of inventory weight! New World has a weight system and if you go over, you will become encumbered and will walk slowly. You are still able to fast travel for an increased cost. As you play, you will unlock more bag slots and be able to equip duffel bags and cases to increase your capacity.

Salvage, Salvage, Salvage

When it comes to inventory management, there isn’t a vendor that you can sell trash to, and you’ll be collecting TONS of items. Instead, salvage all your items that you don’t need! This will give you repair parts and materials that you can use for crafting. These repair parts are used to repair broken gear and tools, and these will become incredibly valuable as you get further into the game.

Trading Post = Auction House

While there isn’t a general store vendor to dump junk off to, there is a Trading post, which is an auction house in New World. These are not linked, so be sure to list your items in a high traffic area rather than a settlement with very little foot traffic if you want them to sell.

New World Trading Post

Watch Out for High Tax Rates

One of the biggest core features of New World is the faction and settlement ownership system. Settlements who are under control of companies, which are guilds, will be able to set crafting tax rates. Some will be higher than others. So make sure to view the rates and settle on a place that has lower rates than others to help save some money early on. You can also offset this by choosing to lower crafting taxes when you increase your territory standing.

Bank Storage

Storage sheds are New Worlds version of banks and these can be found in each settlement, however, they are NOT shared. So you will need to remember where you’ve stored all your stuff. They recently made this a bit easier by allowing storage to be linked ONLY if both settlements are controlled by the same faction.

Housing Benefits

While this isn’t a hugely talked about feature lately, housing is a thing in New World. Now, housing isn’t just for aesthetic. Houses will provide a slew of benefits like trophies that provide buffs, extra storage furniture, and more! This is a cool system that I really enjoyed in Wildstar, and I’m glad that New World brought something similar in here. So even if you just throw all your stuff in the middle of the living room just to get the buffs, that’s fine as long as you take advantage.  

New World Housing


I hope this guide had some critical tips and tricks to help make your New World experience better. But these are not the only tips and tricks out there, so share your best advice in the comments below to help out our fellow gamers!


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