Valheim – Top 50 Tips & Tricks

Valheim Tips

Want to become a better Valheim player? Look no further than this guide and video. Learn all the tips and tricks you need to hit the ground running and get the most out of the game.

#1 – Craft a Hammer

#2 – Open your valheim compendium. You will see all your Hugin’s and you can also access your skills.

#3 – You can scroll in and out of your map, and double click to set a waypoint.

#4 – You can type in a name on the icon – so feel free to add titles to them.

#5 – Use the middle mouse wheel to scroll in and out.

#6 – Press control to remove the heads up display (HUD).

#7 – When walking around, you can select your hammer and open up a menu and set yourself up a campfire.

#8 – If you go near your campfire and click to rest – you do not need a bed to rest up. You may need a shelter if it is raining.

#9 – Press 3 and 5 hotkeys to equip your shield and armour quickly. When walking around, press “R” so you can run around a little faster. If you encounter an enemy, press “R” again to quickly equip your spear.

#10 – You can swim, so be careful with your stamina (it will start draining and it can kill you).

#11 – You can punch trees before you have an axe to get wood. They must be the smaller trees.

#12 – Once you have an axe, you will be able to left click on trees to collect wood. Be careful that trees can fall down on you.

#13 – When you see deer, you want to hit control to sneak up on them. You can get pretty close to them before you attack them.

#14 – Once you get two deer trophies – you will spawn in the first big boss. Note: Deer and boars continue to respawn, so kill as many as you want.

#15 – You can make a hoe, and while holding it – you can right click on the ground and you get a few options. Path, raise ground, and level ground.

#16 – Level ground so you can make a floor on it.

#17 – Your bed needs to be undercover and also, near a fireplace. In order to do this – place the fire on the dirt outside of the house (it can’t be made on the floor).

#18 – Make sure your cabin has proper venting for your fire (or it will fill with smoke and you will die).

#19 – While holding your hammer, you will be able to see a variety of things that you can craft. You can left click on items to repair items that have been left outside.

#20 – When you have collected 50 wood – you can right click and select “wood stack”. Stack and store your wood without putting them in chests.

#21 – Hold down Shift to transfer more than one item, or a specific amount.

#22 – Once you have a bow – there are a variety arrows you can use. To select a specific arrow – right click and it will turn blue. This is the arrow you’ll be shooting.

#23 – Chests are a great way to store items. To stack chests, simply put a 1×1 wood floor piece on top of a chest and then you can stack them.

#24 – To cook food, you will need to create a cooking station near a fire pit. Note: you can over cook / burn your food turning it into coal.

#25 – The spear can be used as a melee weapon as well as a thrown weapon. Throwing spears is an effective method of attack.

#26 – The Stag breaker hammer is a very powerful weapon you can make early in the game. It also can be used to hit the structures to create wood.

#27 – Once you have a pickaxe – you can easily find buried treasure or bones. Look for a stone arrangement to find treasure.

#28 – A cart allows you store a lot more in it.

#29 – Once you have a charcoal kiln and a smelter, you may want to put things in them before you go to sleep.

#30 – Make sure to wear as much good armour as possible, especially before exploring as things can be very dangerous, especially the black forest.

Black Forest

#31 – Carrot seeds – use these to farm for food for yourself or to feed boars.

#32 – Pinetrees are worth cutitng down, as pinewood is useful and will unlock some new recipes.

#33 – Copper and Tin are also found – when you see copper – use your pick axe. Tin is generally found near water.

#34 – Burial Chambers – you will find a lot of mobs in the chambers – but you will also find lots of great stuff like rubies, gold, etc.

#35 – On the minimap, use the comma and full stop (period) or “. buttons to zoom in and out on it.

#36 – Stamin is important when you are in battle – running out of stamina when in battle means you will not be able to attack.

#37 – Once you have a forge – you can use it to make many things, including a cultivator. When you equip you cultivator, you can make grass, cultivate land, and plant things on cultivated land.

#38 – Collect some deer hide, and then use your hammer on it to make a nice deer rug.

#39 – Having a bow and arrow when you are exploring is nice – but it is really useful against beehives. Shoot it with your arrows.

#40 – Now go get drops from the beehive. You can also get a queen bee (sometimes) which unlocks the recipe for a beehive.

#41 – Make a beehive and they can make honey for you (up to four per hive).

#42 – When you are using your workbench – you can click the style button to make some nice looking gear.

#43 – Use the forge to repair things you made with the forge.

#44 – Repairing does not cost anything, so repair your items as often as possible.

#45 – When you create a sign, the side with the three dots is the side you can place the text

#46 – When near the sign, press “e” to edit the sign.


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