New Action RPG LOST SOUL ASIDE New 18 Minute Gameplay Demo Revealed – This Looks AMAZING!

Significant update has finally happened! New 18 glorious minutes of Lost Soul Aside gameplay has dropped and it looks incredible. They’re saying this is a PlayStation 4 game, seeing it in action I don’t know how it’s going to run this wall on the PlayStation 4. This is looking to be one of the slickest action games I’ve ever seen. 

Lost Soul Aside looks like an incredible mix between Final Fantasy and  Devil May Cry - Aroged

Combat looks just as fluid, just as fast as Devil May Cry 5. Visually the game looks stunning and they’re going off the wall right away with the combat. Pretty exciting to think about how later stages of the game are going to look. We didn’t get a release date unfortunately and the game looks pretty far along though. 

From a presentation stand point, voice acting and music are excellent. Excited to see also what direction the narrative does take because that’s one element of this game that everybody is excited about.

Given that, it’s a lot of Final Fantasy XV comparisons initially not to throw shade on Final Fantasy XV but hopefully the story in Lost Soul Aside comes along a little bit better than that. Watch the full gameplay here…

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