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TOP Beginner Tips For Fast Progression! | New World Starter Guide | All Classes

Explore, build, craft, and battle in an open-world MMO with thrills and danger- it’s a brave new world. The New World Beta is here and it is glorious! Fear not, we’ve rounded up five of the best beginner tips to help you progress through the Beta. 

0:00 Intro

1:30 Quest: Plan your routes

2:41 Level up your trade skills 

4:20 Respawn

7:08 Keep your inventory light 

8:38 Experiment

1:30 Quest: Plan your routes

Planning is everything. Pick up all the quests that you can and plan out your routes. There are no mounts in the game (yet) so running from one place to another is very time-consuming and it’s best to have a route plan.

2:41 Level up your trade skills

While you’re running the most efficient routes you can plan, make certain that you’re also doing things along the way. It’s not advisable to just run and head on straight to the main questline without doing anything else. For example, if you see a turkey along the road, go ahead and kill and skin it. This is because you’re going to need certain trade levels to do certain quests. There are quests that require you to skin a bison, for example, and the quest would require a certain skinning level. So you need to be leveling up all these different things as you’re going. See to it that you are constantly crafting, skinning, mining, chopping, etc., as there are many quests that require you to have a specific level in one or more of these skills. 

Note: leveling up your different trade skills is in effect leveling up your main character. When you level up a trade skill, you get experience for completing that level.

4:20 Respawn

By respawning you can speed up your questing. Hit escape, go to your menu, and choose respawn. When you do so, you’ll be able pick from either your campfire or the nearest settlement to spawn at. Make sure that you’re near the area where you want to respawn otherwise, you might spawn at the wrong place. However, the respawn downside is that when you die in this game, your different items lose durability so you’ll have to repair them. Repairing is not a big deal though, so no need to repair them until they break. While doing the main quest, you’ll have to return to a certain guy on a riverside to turn in your missions. Build a camp near him so you can pick to respawn at that camp.  

Another option aside from respawning is recalling to an end but can only be done once per hour and you must set which town you want that to be. 

7:08 Keep your inventory light

You don’t need a lot of items. Make sure you are always going to your shed when you’re in settlements and store your non-essential items in there. Put away items you don’t need, be it leather stuff or ammo, if you wish to travel far and fast. You can pick up way more items when you’re doing quests. The most important thing is that your weight determines how much fast travel resources it costs when you travel. The heavier you get, the more expensive it’ll be.

8:38 Experiment

It’s easy to change builds, so ensure that you’re experimenting with different weapons. Alter your loadouts depending on the needs of your character or your team, whether solo focus build or a team-focused build. Respec different attribute points as well. Free to respec up until level 20, after that it’ll get a little more expensive per level that you go up to respec.


AuthorLee Agustin
GameNew World

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