Valheim – How To Get To The Iron Age – Guide

Increase House Size

One of the first things you may want to do is increase the size of your Viking Longhouse. As you progress through the Bronze Age in Valheim, you will need space for a forge, multiple fermenters, and room for portals, amongst other things. Similarly, you will probably want to increase the protection around your base.

Go To The Swamp

To find iron, you need to head down to the swamp. Find a decent place to prop up a temporary house / enclosure. It is a good idea to make sure you have a portal set up before you head off back to the swamp, whether it be by boat or walking. Also, you will definitely want to do a gear check. Make sure you have any crypt keys, food, mead, arrows, etc. Poison resistance mead? Health potions? Armour and Weapons are max upgraded? Items to create a portal for the return trip home? These are just a few of the things you’ll want to think about.

Biome Change & Base Build

When heading to the swamp, keep your eyes peeled for where the biomes change. Usually you’ll see a sliver of land where they switch, whether that be the meadows, dark forest, etc. You’ll want a place where you can build in a slightly protected area just outside the swamp. You’ll also need to keep a look out for a crypt, as that is where we find iron. Lastly, when building around the swamp area, the mobs will hear you chopping trees, mining, and they’ll come to find you. Stay vigilant and be ready to fight at a moment’s notice.

Once your base is up and running, and you have a portal, work benches, bed for a spawning point, etc. You’re now ready to head into the swamp.

Once More Into The Swamp, Dear Friend

This place is very dangerous, so take your time as you walk through it. Remember to bring your hoe with you (snicker) so you can fill in the swamp ground. Keeps the leeches away, and keeps your feet dry. Once you find a crypt, it’s time to get that iron. Use the crypt key you snagged from Elder, pull out your pickaxe, and get cracking. The crypts are chock full of mobs, and they are relentless.

Once you are in the crypt, consider dropping a fire in there as that will help you keep your resting buff going. You’ll find great stuff in there, like ancient bark. Treasure, poison arrows, and more. New items may also unlock new recipes.

Once you find some muddy scrap piles, you’ll want to start mining it. This is what we came here for, as this is where you will find scrap iron. Also, Wraith’s will drop chain, which unlock new items. Also, you will eventually find the location for Bonemass.

Lastly, keep in mind that you can NOT transfer any of the ore via the portal. Cart it back or sail it back are your only options.

Process Your Iron

valheim iron age

You’ll need to go back to your base to process your iron. This will get you a bunch of new recipes. Iron tools, iron armour, weapons. Your crafting stations will also level up. I recommend crafting all of your iron equipment, particularly your tools, weapons, armour. Next, upgrade your forge to the highest level.


Taking on Bonemass is tricky, so make sure you have all your weapons and armour upgraded to Iron. Snag 10 wither bones and then head to the Bonemass location. Throw down the bones, and get ready to battle. Bonemass has been buffed, so he’s not a soft target. Once he goes down, you’ll snag the wishbone and a trophy. Head back home, drop off the trophy, and get his awesome buff. You are now ready to enter the Silver Age!


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