Biomutant – THQ Nordic – Pre-order Backlash!

Biomutant – well, Publisher THQ Nordic to be exact, has come under heavy criticism for it’s decision to lock their mercenary class. They have decided to make it available to pre-order customers only according to Paul Tamburro over at Game Revolution.

We here at MGN can’t help but wonder if every developer / publisher is working together to try and find the line on what their potential customers will put up with and well, here we are.  As you can imagine, gamers are becoming increasingly hesitant to pre-order games, especially given all the broken promises, buggy releases, and deceptive marketing that’s occurred by so many publishers in the past.

Also, it is one thing to offer cosmetics items as part of a pre-order bundle, I get that – but locking an entire class?  Now that’s quite another.  Why risk upsetting your customers, and future customers, with a stunt like this? Anyway, I guess time will tell if this was a good move on their part.

Biomutant is close to launching, with a launch date of May 25th of this year on the cards. 

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