BEST ARMOR – Free Legendary Clothes Location in Cyberpunk 2077 EARLY Build Guide Gameplay!

Full set of Legendary Corpo Armour – Start of Game

With an armour rating of 3,634, you definitely want to pick up the full set of Legendary corpo armour at the start of Cyberpunk 2077. These are amazing stats, especially at the start of the game! In fact, you literally do not take any damage!

Corporate Trousers

To find the corporate trousers, you need to head over to Watson. To the very north of the town, right outside the city walls. Head up to the north part of the map (there is a big building) – and then, as you are driving, you will see a trauma team.

There, on the floor, you will firstly find an epic assault rifle. But, most importantly, you can pick up the breathable, bio-cotton corporate slacks. They are Legendary quality.

Corporate Suit

Now, you want to jump into the car and pick up the corpo suit. You can pick up the blazer by driving towards the silo just down the road. You will see a sign that says “barely illegal”. Jump out there, and you’ll find a burning car. Pick up the epic sub-machine gun first, and behind a burning car, you will find a dead corpo-man.

He is wearing a corporate blazer, with bullet proof lining. Pick that up. This has an armour value of 180 base.

Corporate Sunglasses

To pick these up, you need to drive all the way to the southwest side of the map (Badlands). Outside of night city, nearly to the border. You will see some people from Arasaka in the distance, and the sign post. You will want to drive towards the drone container – and you’ll find the corpo sunglasses. You will also find a tactical pair of corporate sunglasses. They give you 67 armour in total.

Note: you can climb up the tower and find the “media baseball cap with reactive layer” as well. This gives you a further 66 armour.

For more info, and to find the rest of the items, check out the embedded video above!


The Legendary Hat location will only appear in the game after the main quest ‘life during wartime’ (Where you shoot the AV down with Panam). –

Note: You can save a the game before picking up all the legendary items in the video to make sure the suit jacket has 4 legendary slots and all the other items have 3 legendary slots max. I said this in the video but some people are confused.

You can upgrade the armour values later in the game to reach the armour cap for each clothing piece, do not worry about picking them up early.

Also the armour scales of your attributes etc so the true value of the armour will be different for you. This is why I show you how to craft the armour mod that lets you still reach 1000s of armour at any level.

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