The Uncertain: Light At The End – Game Review

The Uncertain is a story-driven adventure game set in a post-apocalyptic world. Humanity is history, and robots are now in their place. Playing as Emily, you solve puzzles and try to make sense of what is left of this sci-fi dystopia.


I enjoyed the point-and-click puzzle game nature of the game. I found that a few of the puzzles required me to have to do some real thinking, especially the triangle puzzle.

The use of quick-time events was also quite interesting and enjoyable. I will note that the first one caught me by surprise (I wasn’t aware they were even in the game)!

The voice acting for all the characters is strong, particularly for Emily, the protagonist. Her voice is animated and scene-appropriate in all instances. Kudos to her voice actor.

All that said, the game does give off an “indie” feel, and truth be told, it feels unfinished.

If the developers address a few of the issues brought up above, this game could become a very good game and worth paying full price for.

“…this game has cat pictures, lots of them. Awesome.”


Cannot skip the credits. It’s 2020, we should be allowed to do that now.

The facial animations are lacking. They tend to lack expressiveness and often feel mistimed (i.e. smiling before it makes sense). I don’t like to nitpick, but this was my experience.

Also, when you sit down at the computer the second time, it locks up the game. I thought maybe I just had some bad luck, but other Steam players have remarked the same thing. I had to log out, close Steam, and log back in to fix it. The game is somewhat buggy, not a good look for a game that is in full release (as opposed to early release).

All in all, it feels like a disconnected series of puzzles with the plot being a secondary feature at best. I didn’t find myself invested in any of the characters or the storyline at any point in the game.



Enjoyable, but unfinished, point-and-click indie adventure game.


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