Genshin Impact – Hutao Burst DPS Guide

Hu Tao’s damage is currently off the charts – especially her burst damage / one shot damage. She has the highest one shot potential when compared to any pyro character in Genshin Impact.

In this guide, Hu Tao is level 80, and we recommend stacking HP on her.

When Hu Tao’s HP go below 50 percent, her Talent and Staff of Homa passive get triggered. Her attack stats, when her HP are above 50%, are 1,721 & Pyro Damage Bonus 61.6% (in this example).

Hu Tao Best Weapon Choices

The best in slot weapon for her right now is Staff of Homa since most of her skills scale with HP percentage. Also, you can also trigger her passive easily with her elemental skill. If you do not have the SoH, you can use any other 5 star weapon since they provide good set of passive and decent base attack damage.

Best in slot 4 star weapon for her would be the Deathmatch or Lithic Spear – especially if you’re running a Liyue Team Comp. Note: if you’d like to stack more on critical damage then go for the Blackcliff Pole (F2P option).

Artifact Choices

Best in slot for Hu Tao is the 4 piece Crimson Witch of Flames as this set enables the highest Pyro Damage. If you struggle to get the 4 piece set, you can go for the 2 piece of Noblesse combined with the 2 piece of Witch sets.

For Artifact main stats, you generally want to avoid attack, since she has a very low base attack stat. Go with HP instead so you can fully use her talent’s passive.

In terms of Goblet, make sure you select a Pyro Goblet over an HP Goblet since the damage bonus is absolute when compared to attack increase. The attack main stat won’t benefit her that much at even level 90 Staff of Homa as her back attack only goes up to 714.

Substats that you should be looking for an end game Hutao include Hit Point Percentage, Critical Rate, Critical Damage, and ER.


Constellations are generally straightforward, however Constellation 6 is overpowered. You will literally become an un-killable machine if you use it properly. Make sure you prioritize upgrading her elemental skill as this what makes her damage go off the charts.

hu tao dps build

Team Composition

The best team composition for Hu Tao should include a sub DPS. Most of Hu Tao’s damage is effective only when her elemental skill is up. Xinqui, for example, is a great support as he can deal a lot of damage with his elemental skill and burst.

Diona is also a good choice, as she can protect Hu Tao while trying to maintain her HP below 50%. She can also do melt reaction.

Let us know what your favourite builds are in the comments below!


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