Devour – Update Review

Devour is a co-op horror game for 1-4 players where you have to stop cultists from summoning different entities to this world.


Ironically, we play as a cultist ourselves who worships Azazel. In each level of the game, one of the cultists tries to summon Azazel and the ritual goes horribly wrong. So, we end up trying to save our fellow demon worshippers by performing counter- rituals. Guess one failed summoning wasn’t enough of a lesson.


Playing with up to 3 friends (or solo), you’ll have to perform a counter ritual by luring creatures, such as goats, and burning or electrocuting them a certain number of times. Yes, it’s as awful as it sounds; you are a demon worshipper after all. Each level works in the same way except the last, the inn, where you have to cleanse spider eggs and then burn them. It’s a pretty simple task that gets gradually more difficult as the game progresses since more enemies appear to stop you and the possessed cultist gets stronger and faster.

Devour Game
Why can’t we just worship the god of cute, fluffy, bunny rabbits?


  1. The updates to this game are fairly good. Each one presents an interesting map, a terrifying creature to deal with, and entertaining objectives (even though the main task remains simple and more or less the same). Better yet, these updates are free!
  2. Devour is a very cool co-op game as it keeps you both entertained and invested. Also, it requires a good bit of actual co-operation and is hilarious to play with friends, what with all the screaming and all. I love it!
  3. You can also do all the levels solo, which greatly increases the scare factor. It’s a lot more terrifying to play alone, but it’s still doable which shows that the game is well-balanced and thought through.


The biggest downside to Devour is its repetitiveness. Even though the updates are cool and the creatures are too, it still feels very repetitive since you are doing the same task over and over again. Updates start to feel less like updates and more like new skins for the game. This pales in comparison to other similar games, like Pacify, which manages to add something original to the mechanics of each level. For example, an original way to respawn, or an additional riddle, or different tasks, or different ways to protect yourself would be welcome. Instead, Devour does the same thing over and over…

Nice spider lady. Good spider lady. We can be friends, right?


I’d rate this experience 7.6 Azazel worshippers / 10. I’d def recommend playing the game with friends.

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