Friday Night Funkin’ VS Mickey Mouse Treasure Island

Don’t look now, but there is another Mickey Mouse mod for Friday Night Funkin! Here’s the thing: this time it’s based on the Five Nights at Treasure Island game. The game takes inspiration both from the indie game “Five Nights at Freddy’s” and the creepypasta “Abandoned by Disney”. This mod features Oswald the rabbit and a bunch of Mickey Mouses (Mice?), however, Goofy, Donald, and Minnie aren’t in it probably because it’s only a demo.

Will BF and GF make it through all five nights or will Boyfriend and Girlfriend lose their souls to the famous mouse? There are only a few jumpscares and the screen doesn’t shake as much as the Sunday Night Mickey Mouse mod.

Game Note: Boyfriend and Girlfriend are having a normal day at BF’s house until all of a sudden something happened that would change them completely – they suddenly find themselves in a Disney theme park, but this one looks a little odd, it looks…abandoned.

Between the shadows there’s a strange figure, it looks like Mickey Mouse but the colors are inverted; white where it should be black, black where it should be white. The figure gets up, takes bf/gf, and challenges them to a rap battle. If “Mickey” wins, he keeps their souls. If boyfriend wins, they’ll be released from Five Nights at Treasure Island.

BF’s about to find out that you don’t mess with the mouse.


Download Treasure Funkin DEMO here:

Download Friday Night Funkin’ here:

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