FFXIV – How to level up quickly!

Say you you want to blast through the leveling up process in Final Fantasy 14 (FFXIV), so that you can play the newest content, experiment with the latest jobs, and join your friends who are already max level. Whelp, you’re going to want to follow these tips, to ensure that you’re leveling up as quickly as possible!


Regardless of how mundane the story might appear to you, it’s worth following the linear aspect of FF14 for the experience. This is by far the best way to level up at the beginning of the game. Follow where you’re guided, and progress through the story as intended. Following this until you reach level 30 where the options peter out, will net you the quickest early levels, and if this is your first character, it’s worth a go as well to find out exactly why you’re doing what you’re doing, story wise.

Class Quests

The class you pick at the start of the game will give quests every five levels, and doing those quests will net you a lot of experience for leveling up. So, be sure to keep an eye on which level your flying by, and doing them class related ones when you can, as soon as you can, for the bump!


If you’re familiar with the dungeon concept in other MMO games, and you feel like you want to run through them in repetition, you’re in luck as they’re a good source of EXP. Once you’ve progressed naturally though enough of the game Guildhests will become available and those are the dungeons you’re looking for.

If you’re playing a high demand roll like healer or tank, then you’re going to be getting a lot of them done and spend little time waiting around. If not however, well stick with the rest of the guide whilst you wait your DPS queue.


If you’re taking a break from the game, going to work, going to school, sleeping, anything like that, then ensure that you’re logging out in a safe place, something like Sanctuary or a town. Doing so will net you the bonus experience for resting, much like many other games in the genre.


The best ways to earn extra EXP are the ones that you have to put little to no effort into. That’s where food comes in. It’s an extra way to earn EXP passively, and it wont break your bank GIL wise. So, before you engage in any activity wherein you can earn levels, ensure that you’re taking a snack break prior, so that you can gain the extra passive experience through any activity.

You don’t even need to open your wallet for the expensive stuff, because anything will count! Cheap on the food, great on the FFXIV level up meter.


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