Who Is Tricky The Clown? Ft. Bijuu Mike – Madness Combat

If you’ve played Friday Night Funkin’, or are a Newgrounds “oldschooler”, chances are you have run across Tricky The Clown in some form or fashion. With that in mind, how well do you really know Tricky? How well does anyone know Tricky the Clown, for that matter?

Tricky Lore

One thing you may not be aware of is there are actually Tricky animations and games. Tricky the Clown is in fact the “central antagonist of the Madness Combat Series”. He first started out as a hired assassin – hired by the Sheriff, and over time he became the lead character in the Tricky Saga. He clearly has a long, unique backstory that someone new to Friday Night Funkin’ might not be fully aware of.

Tricky has been killed 13 times (how lucky!) and he is able to revive using improbability drive. Oh, and he can even warp the very fabric of reality – a cool skill to have.


What can we say about Hank, other than the fact the he is a fighter and a killer. He’s not just any old killer, he takes immense pleasure from inflicting pain and suffering on others. This guy is brutal. He really goes in for the kill, and he’s got some seriously scary teeth.

Tricky is driving the train – and he goes ham on Hank. It gets better, later on Tricky decides to go get a hotdog from a hotdog stand and Hank comes out shooting and stabbing. Combat between the two occurs, and Tricky takes a chop right through the face.


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