Cyberpunk 2077 – The Devil Ending Guide (Help Takemura Avenge The Death Of Saburo)

Cyberpunk 2077 The Devil Ending Guide (The Devil Trophy & Achievement) – Help Takemura avenge the death of Saburo Arasaka (Where is My Mind? Epilogue Epilogue):

1. During Main Mission “Search and Destroy” you have to save Takemura to get this trophy. It’s the mission after “Play It Safe” and just before the final story mission. This is very easy to miss because there is no objective for it and no indication that Takemura can be saved at all. You will go into a building, knock on the door 4 times, talk to Takemura and Hanako.

After that police storms the building and you get separated from Takemura. Some enemies will now spawn in the building. Instead of following the objective out of the building, you’ll have to turn left at the first possible point and crouch under some rubble, then head upstairs to find Takemura holed up in a room with enemies. Defeat the enemies and escort Takemura out of the building.

In the cutscene when leaping out of the building’s exit door Takemura has to show up. Then you have done everything right and can get the trophy. While you can still get ‘The Devil’ Ending if you left Takemura behind to die, it only unlocks this trophy / achievement specifically if he is alive.

Goro Takemura will then show up during Epilogue. If Takemura wasn’t saved then Hellman can show up in the Epilogue instead.

Devil Ending Guide Cyberpunk 2077

2. During “Nocturne Op55N1” (Final Story Mission), Mysty will walk you to a balcony. On the balcony you will talk to Johnny Silverhand. Pick the following dialogues: “Think trusting Arasaka’s risky but worth it” — “Take Omega Blockers”.

This will lead to the Ending Missions “Last Caress” — “Totalimmortal” — “Where is My Mind?”.

3. During “Where is My Mind?” you have 2 sub-endings. You will be in a space station after doctors do a procedure on you. Just go through the daily routine until Hellman comes into your room. He offers you a contract and there are two choices that decide the ending: “[Sign Contract] I want to live” — “[Refuse to Sign] I’m going back to Earth”. If you sign, you agree to have your mind virtually archived.

If you don’t sign, you will get to leave the space station and return to earth but will die within a few months from your head injuries. (The trophy ‘The Devil’ refers to the Rubik’s Cube you break open in a cutscene and it contains the picture of a screaming devil inside). The Devil trophy / achievement requires Takemura to be alive and it will unlock at the end of “Totalimmortal”, after you talked to Yorinobu and entered the elevator.


Step 1 (How to Save Takemura) – 0:00
Step 2 (Balcony Dialogue) – 3:31
Step 3 (Trophy Unlock) – 6:04
Ending – 11:48


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