Outriders – Torment and Agony Legendary Weapon Review

Torment and Agony

Today, people, we are going to be looking at the legendary dual pistols, Torment and Agony. And now, I have to say, this is by far my favourite weapon name in the game. I mean, c’mon, Torment and Agony? Both pistols have their own names, like wielding two personalities. I just love that so much.

Visually the weapon looks awesome. it’s like the pistol is melting from some sort of blue acid-like substance, it also seems to have some type of blue aura coming off it too. I will say that my opinion of this is sort of biased as my favorite colour is the shade of blue that’s used for this gun. I love how the design of this weapon is actually different from the standard bone structured type guns we’re seeing quite often. With all that said, let’s move onto the stats and mods!

Stats and Mods

The clip size is 40, with the RPM at 750. Damage is at 12 and the reload speed is really quick at 1.3 seconds. Last but not least, the crit multiplier is at 129%. The accuracy for the Torment and Agony is at 69%, stability is 91% and the range is at 25 meters.

Honestly, these stats are not bad at all. In terms of mods, the first mod is called Judgment Enforcer whereby shots mark enemies, and upon reloading, you deal 5 times your weapons damage to every marked enemy. Your marks get removed when you reload your weapon. The second mod is called Clip Combustion which sounds awesome in itself. Clip Combustion creates a shockwave when reloading your weapon which deals 25 damage to all enemies within a 5-meter radius.


My Opinion

Like I said at the start of all this, the name itself, ‘Torment and Agony’, I believe to be the best name in this game so far. The demo currently has 10 legendary weapons and in the full release, there are going to be 46 legendary weapons/gear altogether. So who knows, I might like something else in the full release, however, it doesn’t change at all about how I feel towards these dual-wielding legendary pistols.

Torment and Agony are the only legendary sidearms in the demo right now, making it literally no reason for you not to use these when you get them. Your two main weapons of choice are always going to be your primary and your secondary, so these pistols sit nice and cosey in your sidearm slot. The perks on this weapon are really quite incredible too, especially the Judgement Enforcer perk which is my favourite one out of the two.

Having the ability to mark all your targets in your clip means that you can just spray as many people as possible, then reload your weapon and deal damage to all of them. Admittedly the damage is only 5, but keep in mind that we’re talking about sidearms here. The second perk, Clip Combustion, really compliments the reload aspect of this gun too by dealing damage to all enemies within a 5-meter radius of yourself. I just love the synergy with these perks, it makes Tormen and Agony feel so unique and different from what we’re used to seeing in this game. Based on all this, I’m going to give this gun a star rating of 10/10. I really, really love these guns.

Let me know your thoughts and opinions in the comment section of the blog, and happy hunting for those legendaries!


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