Cyberpunk 2077 – Daemon In The Shell Trophy

Looking to get the Daemon in the Shell achievement in Cyberpunk 2077? No problem, we have the guide here for you.

Step #1 – Get / Detonate Grenade Quickhack. Location #1 – can drop from Netrunner enemies. Kill them, run across the street (enabling them to respawn) and then do it again.

Demon in the shell trophy

Location #2 – check the image for details.

Location #3 – From Crafting. Note: Requires “Hacker Overlord” perk (Intelligence Level 6 required).

Step #2 – Get an operating system with more ram. Note: This can be bought from Ripperdocs. Need to use the Detonate Grenade Quickhack.

Step #3 – Equip / Detonate Grenade. Use it on a group of 3 enemies. It is best to do it on lower level enemies, as they require less ram. Also, they must have Frag Grenade.

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