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New World: The BIGGEST Problems That Need To Be Fixed!

An inventory of where the game needs to make improvements once launch hits as there’s not enough time between now and release to overhaul or make vast improvements to these systems in New World.


Questing 00:29
Faction Balance 03:28
Settlement Resets 06:02
Compass Clutter 07:25
“What does it look like?” 8:28
Respawn Rates, Enemy Density 09:48
Lack of PvP & PvE Content 11:25

Questing – 00:29

The Questing system is one of the main pain issues that is resonating throughout the community. Town Projects, Faction Missions, Side Quests, Main Quests, and Miscellaneous, which are passive XP gains from crafting, collecting, and other minor sources that build up over time, are the five methods to level your character in New World right now.

The issue is that while Town Projects provide the most experience and are the simplest method to level, they are also quite dull and do not provide thrilling gameplay, memorable moments, or a rewarding gaming experience. They merely add to the grind, and as a result, many players will never reach level cap due to the laborious task-based nature of the game.

Faction Balance – 03:28

There was a case when a large guild rolled everyone and everything overnight and then controlled all of the zones during the beta, raising taxes and thus ruining the experience for other players. They had many more members than any other faction, and there was nothing anybody could do about it, and this has been an issue in similar games since the beginning of time.

When you try to join, you’ll need to be either Covenant or Marauders at this level to help boost those numbers. Once your 120 days are over, check the census again to see if there’s a place for you to join a previously full faction. This would assist to minimize the chances of a single group rolling a server, as well as promote more PVP due to the balanced population.

Settlement Resets – 06:02

What happens if settlements are kept in place indefinitely? There were numerous giant guilds with hundreds of members in the preview beta that helped guard or take settlements around the clock. They were either on the attack or on the defense, and one difficulty with that is that at launch, a guild with far superior numbers to any competition may take over the majority of towns and hold on to them indefinitely.

They may simply challenge that colony and then declare war at any point throughout the night when there aren’t enough players online to defend against the opposing party. As it is, it appears to be an easily exploited arrangement and we’re all waiting to see if there will be a reset at some point.

Compass Clutter – 07:25

This doesn’t have much of an impact when you first start out. You’re just looking at a few different things right now, but as your trading abilities improve, you’ll be able to track additional resources. Because you’ll notice things like bunnies and turkeys when you first activate tracking, your compass will rapidly fill up, but then you’ll start noticing harvesting nodes and then mining deposits.

However, as you continue, those things never go away, and you begin to track more and more. This continues until your compass is totally inundated, at which time it becomes difficult to follow anything and tracking loses its utility.

“What does it look like?” – 8:28

Players are always asking two questions: “Where can I get hemp?” and “How can I get hemp?” followed by “How does it appear?” and “What does it seem like?” Open your map in the grasslands, check your resource tracking, and then look for the grasslands. With the appearance of hemp, you can find a picture of hemp in your trade skills under harvesting, which greatly helps.

We think the game should include a sketchbook or a diary of drawings for each resource to give people an idea of what they’re searching for. It doesn’t have to be fancy, and it would suit the whole shipwreck concept of having a record of scribbled drawings, plus you’ll know the anatomy of things.

Respawn Rates, Enemy Density – 09:48

There are tagging thresholds; you must do a certain amount of damage for the tag to take effect, and these opponents die so rapidly because they’re being pounded by 20 people. You may either camp out on one of the spawns and kill them one by one, or you can equip a ranged weapon and try to do enough damage for the tag to count.

Because these monsters respawn every five to ten minutes, the mission becomes a 30 minute or more endurance test, which is an issue. This is repeated throughout the game; you must fight these opponents, which are scarce in number and have a long respawn duration, and the Main Quests, Faction Quests, and Town Projects all require to reduce the respawn timer in half and at least double the density in those areas.

Lack of PvP & PvE Content – 11:25

This is a longer-term issue that arises once players have settled in and attained level capacity due to a lack of large-scale PvE activities such as raids. If there existed an arena or a method to host smaller PvP bouts, and people seeking to run doubles or create a small team in an arena format and want something bigger than duels but less intense, this would greatly improve the player experience.

Tournaments, which are on the opposite ends of the fence from dungeons, are also coming. Dungeons are wonderful, but having larger 10-man raids would be immensely exciting to perform. The real PvP arenas are limited to 5 players, allowing you to gather a group of friends to go hunting for world bosses, although they are quite chaotic.


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