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Today I bring you the Devastator. In other words, the absolute bullet sponge. Before I get into the meat of this class, I just want to say that my Devastator is not where I want it to be in terms of the build I have right now on screen for you. I’ve sunk a lot of hours into this game but mainly on my Technomancer, and have every legendary in the demo which is also just on the Technomancer. I feel like I have more than enough knowledge to present to you a really killer build for the Devastator as this class really knows how to create tons of destruction.

First, let us start with the skill tree. Now it goes without saying that we won’t be spending too long on this as the demo only gives us access to two skills, therefore there isn’t much you can do with this, however, because this build is mainly going to be utilizing shotguns, I’d recommend you put your second skill point (that you obtain when you reach level 7) into the Shotgun Adept. This skill increases your Shotgun weapon damage by 12%.

With the skills now covered, let us take a look at the three Devastators’ abilities that we’re going to be using for this build. The first one being Earthquake, which sends out a directional earthquake that inflicts damage and causing enemies to be interrupted regardless of what they’re doing. The second ability is called Golem, which covers your character in an armour made entirely of rock. This reduces all damage taken by 65% for 8 seconds. And lastly, we have Gravity Leap, which is my favourite out of them all. Gravity Leap launches your character into the air, with rock-forming all around your character, giving you the control to slam down into any enemies within a certain radius – this deals huge amounts of damage and interrupts enemies too.

Like I said in my opening statement, the gameplay in the background isn’t going to show off the full potential, specifically because the legendary that you absolutely have to use for this Devastator build is the Aerie Master which is a legendary shotgun. My Technomancer currently has this, and until the full game comes out, I can’t swap my weapons across to show you. I have already written a review of the Aerie Master, and will give you a small sample of that here.

Aerie Master

I love this shotgun. Just remember that those were my first words to my opening opinion. I personally believe that this is truly the best shotgun in the game, and I’m willing to bet the entire full game too. There is so much about Aerie Master that truly makes this an abomination. The three shots that it has, paired with the increased chance of plus 15% crit damage is insanity. This weapon does so much damage I can’t even really put it into words. You can literally defeat captains in less than three seconds – it’s crazy.

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Build Overview

Now, let us get into why this build is so strong. The Devastator class builds health back from enemies that you shoot within a close radius to you, this alone encourages you to get as close as possible to your foes in order to take advantage of that life steal. The Golem ability that shields you are only useful in close combat which again, encourages you to go into the thick of battle and absorb that damage as much as you can, and of course you have Gravity Leap which is also going to lunge you into piles of enemies. This also deals a huge amount of damage meaning that you’re instantly going to get your life steal from this.

This is where your shotgun comes in. Once you’ve popped all of your abilities, it’s time to open fire, and what better way to do that than to use the one weapon that screams close combat – your shotgun. Now of course you can use any shotgun for this build, but the reason why I specifically say to try and get your hands on the Aerie Master is that not only is it the best legendary shotgun in the demo, but its perk levitates enemies into the air for free damage which is a huge boost for the Devastator class. Plus, if you are able to hit two enemies with the spread of Aerie Master, then you’ll actually levitate two enemies at once rather than just one. This literally means free damage which also means free life steal.

If you utilize this properly, then you’re basically unstoppable at this point, and the Aerie Master helps so much for that. The other legendary shotgun in the demo is called Golems Limb, which if you’re able to get that too, also works. In fact, I’d go as far as to say that running dual shotguns for this class would still be really insane because it’s literally
what the Devastator is built for.

Let me know what you think of this build in the comments section below. What would you change, and what would you add to it? Stay safe out there, everyone.


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