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Today I bring you The Iceberg which is a legendary bolt action sniper rifle. Guys this is a special video because not only is this the weapon I’ve been wanted to get my hands on since the demo’s release, but it’s also the last legendary left in this demo for me to review, so let us get started. for those who know me, you’ll know that I love ice. Both water
and ice are my two favourite elements in everything that I do in video games so whenever I get the chance to utilize that, I’m already there. Of course, it only makes sense for the gun that I actually really want is the last legendary gun for me to ever get.

Now to some people, looking at this rifle might seem really bleak and bland, but I love it. I love everything about how this looks. From the ice texture to that frozen feel, to the icicles spiking out from the scope and barrel, ugh it’s just so visually pleasing to me. Plus it’s also nice to see something that isn’t bone-related too. As you’re holding the gun or even previewing it you can see the frostbite just emitting from The Iceberg due to its subzero temperatures. It’s so awesome! With all that said, let’s move onto the stats and mods.

The clip size is 5, with the RPM at 75, the damage is at 112, reload speed is 2.2 seconds and the crit multiplier is 200%. The accuracy for Iceberg is off charts at 100%, stability is steady at 44% and the insane range on this thing spikes all the way up to 200m. The first mod for Iceberg is called Winter Blast whereby critical shots create an icy blast that inflicts Freeze on enemies within a 4-meter radius. Its second mod is called Icebreaker which killing shots against frozen enemies cause them to explode, dealing 229 damage.

My Opinion

Like I said at the start of all of this, I love ice. Anything to do with ice, I want to get my hands on it and that is why I main Stasis in Destiny 2, and have done since Beyond Light. The Iceberg is no exception to this, and the minute I got it I wanted to use it, however doing so brought to light some issues that are going to make the Iceberg redundant very quickly. The first mod, Winter Blast, creates an ice blast that freezes enemies within 4 meters radius, and honestly, I’ve not seen this happen once when using Iceberg so it’s quite likely that this is a bug in the game right now which is really bad because the first mod on all legendary weapons is unique to that specific legendary.

The zoom is way too far, of course, I understand that this is a sniper rifle but this zoom is so far that it makes it hard to aim. You’ll find yourself hitting more body shots than heads. The second mod for Iceberg is called Icebreaker – which right now in the demo is pointless. In order to deal 229 damage, you have to kill a frozen target with this weapon however the only class in the game that can freeze consistently is the Technomancer, and that’s only at melee range which at that point you’d switch over to a shotgun to secure the kill. The only other time you’ll be able to freeze people from a long range to even make this mod somewhat usefull is if you have a freeze mod on another weapon.

So with the increased zoom, one mod being bugged, and the other mod being pointless, the only thing this gun has going for it is that it’s visually pleasing, and that’s a personal opinion. With all things considered, I’m going to score this weapon a total of 5/10. It’s not the most amazing weapon to use, the bugged mod doesn’t make the gun feel satisfying to shoot and me scoring it a 5 almost feels generous. If you get this sniper, I’m sure you’ll find yourself switching over to something else very quickly.

I really hope this gun sheds more light on players on full release, as I do believe Iceberg can be so powerful but for now, this is where I stand. I really hope you all enjoyed my review, let me know in the comments of this blog below. Stay safe out there, and take care!


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