Outriders Demo – Top 3 Best Legendary Weapons


Ever since the release of the Outriders Demo, over two million players have logged in to get their new looter shooter experience, mainly the legendary weapons. With 10 legendary Weapons in the demo, players wanted to collect every single one – myself included.

After completing the demo, I discovered two legendary farms, both were pretty effective however one was more efficient which was the captain farm as it tool less than 20 seconds to rinse and repeat. This is also how I obtained every single legendary. As soon as I obtained every legendary in the demo, I began making reviews on all of them, whilst giving my own personal thoughts and opinions on what I feel would work best with certain classes.

Eventually, I got to the point whereby I completed a verbal and written review on every legendary weapon, and I thought it was time to make my video on what I feel to be the best three legendary weapons in the demo. So with that said, let’s get started with my three chosen weapons and why I picked them.



Ranking in first place is the Thunderbird which is a legendary assault rifle. There is so much about the Thunderbird that easily ranks this at first place in my personal opinion.

The main unique mod that really gives this weapon its pedestal is Ultimate Storm Whip which strikes down lightning every 2 – 3 seconds as you’re sinking bullets into an enemy dealing an insane amount of damage.

Visually this is the most pleasant thing to look at, as it’s a visual response to players that what you’re doing is strong, powerful, and dealing large amounts of damage. Due to this, taking out large groups of enemies is so easy with Thunderbird and you can clear entire areas out on tier 5 in a matter of seconds.

Secondly, for every critical shot that you get with Thunderbird, 30% of that damage will get refunded to you as health – this is incredible. Not only as the Technomancer do you receive health back with every shot you land, but Thunderbird gives you even more health back. Having got every legendary weapon in the game, I haven’t taken this off since.

Aerie Master

Aerie Master

In my personal opinion, this is the best shotgun in the game so far. Literally everything about the Aerie Master is ten out of ten, from the visual looks, to the gameplay, to the stats and mods, and here is why.

You only have to look at this gun to see that it is a beautiful looking shotgun, the design team really did a fantastic job on this one.

What makes the Aerie Master really shine is how it can levitate enemies into the air for 5 seconds giving players a huge window of opportunity to lay in some free damage. It’s also a good way to escape from close combat if you’re in the need of healing, however, I highly doubt that is the case as this game encourages players to stay in combat to regain health.

Due to the second mod of Aerie Master, you have a higher chance of hitting critical damage shots – this means that enemies will likely take more damage during the 5 second window that this gun gives you. Combining all these features together creates not only a good failsafe, but control over the battlefield. I’ve used this exact combo to string enemies up, back-role out of the way and lay in some free bullets. This is by far, and easily one of the best legendary weapons in the demo.

Torment and Agony

Torment and Agony

This dual pistols are currently the only legendary side-arms in the demo, so putting this as an easy third was an easy decision to make, having said that, there is a lot that goes into Torment and Agony that really makes it shine above other legendaries.

The feeling of firing this weapon feels so satisfying and it absolutely shreds enemies like paper. Reloading Torment and Agony near enemies also deals damage, knocking off that last big of health they may have.

Torment and Agony also marks targets with every shot you hit, every target that’s marked will also take huge amounts of damage upon reloading this weapon. In theory, you could wipe out an entire area with just reloading – which sounds crazy. I’ve tested this personally and have almost cleared areas with this one mod alone. Because of all this, it makes Torment and Agony not just any old side arm, but a legendary side arm that has strategy behind it and for that, I love this weapon. Original and unique.


Of course it goes without saying that this is my personal opinion on what I feel is the best three legendaries in the Outriders demo, however, I did run this past a few friends of mine and they actually agree too. These three weapons tick the boxes in so many areas, plus you can have them all equipped at the same time turning you into an absolute god.

This also works really well with all four classes simply because the play style of these weapons are so diverse. One thing that should make a legendary weapon legendary is that it should feel different from anything else, making it it’s own thing and I feel all three of these legendaries have that. I really hope you enjoyed my summary, and let me know your opinions below!


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