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Being a patient gamer is all about having amazing gaming experiences, without breaking the bank. Not only are you getting the best games at amazing prices, but by the time you play them, all the issues and bugs are ironed out, and there’s plenty of guides and how-to videos to help out!

Today we’re going to look at some of the best games that have aged well, are absolutely worth a shot, and that are priced far below their actual value. This is MGN’s Incredible games at incredible prices – part one!

5. BioShock Infinite – $39.95AUD

Infinite is a massive experience. The player takes control of Booker Dewitt in the floating city of Columbia. It’s a fist person shooter and as with the other entries in the series, the player will gain and employ various supernatural abilities to be used in tandem with their firepower, whilst they explore a vast and alive world, and journey through some of the richest story telling in the genre.

It was a massive hit when the game released in 2013, and won numerous game of the year awards. Now that epic experience is yours to be had for the low price of $39.95AUD. It’s something that you’re going to get a lot of playtime out of, and if you’ve already played it on another platform, well a second or third play-through is always a great option with BioShock games. You’ll pick up things you didn’t the first time, and fall in love with the sky-high-flying adventure all over again.

4. Dishonored – $14.95AUD

Dishonored is amazing. It lets the player enjoy the game in whatever capacity takes their fancy. You want to play a level guns blazing, killing enemies, using your powers to destroy and explode enemies at will? You absolutely can. And your ending will get tailored to that playstyle. You want so sneak around, chock foes out, and rely on stealth powers to elude your foes like a phantom? You absolutely can do that too!

Much like BioShock Infinite there is a lot of replay value here as well. You can explore different avenues that you didn’t take during your first attempt. You can make different story choices, different skill point choices, just about anything you do has multiple options and with that comes a lot of value. For this price? If you haven’t tried it, it’s worth it and more.

3. Final Fantasy 13 – $18.50AUD

FF13 throws the player into the control of one of the series more popular characters in Lightning. In traditional final fantasy fashion, you collect allies, you level up, you grow stronger and collect skills along the way. Thirteen was the first entry in the series to introduce the paradigm system, wherein the player assigns are role to their characters, and they can level up that roll, and use that paradigm to dictate how their characters will act during battles. It’s fresh, it’s rewarding, and it’s a twist on the gambit system from the previous entry.

There’s a lot of fun to be had here for fantasy RPG lovers, and if you’re one of the very few people who love final fantasy but haven’t given Thirteen a shot for whatever reason, I’d recommend it. Lightning is an extremely likable protagonist and a general badass. And for this price? Her story is worth a listen.

2. Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor – $14.50

Shadow of Mordor is an epic experience. The parkour and world-running will be very familiar to loves of the Assassin’s Creed series – well, the early good ones anyway. There is fantastic story telling, with a lot happening, a lot of branching avenues to keep the player interested in what is happening in the world, and to keep the player wanting to progress. There’s mini-game challenges, there’s collectibles, there’s fantastic combat akin to the better Batman games, there’s great and rewarding stealth mechanics. It’s just a very well-rounded experience, for a great price.

Plus, it includes the revolutionary nemesis system wherein the enemies that you encounter will be shaped by your actions. You can win over enemies to your side of the war, and they can help you in combat, and will change and evolve with their successes or failures. But, say you lose a fight to a relatively unknown enemy – he’ll be promoted and gain skills! Then, you can either try to win him over to your side, or take revenge!

The nemesis systems creates fluid narratives based around yourself and the enemies, depending on your and their actions. It makes the game feel truly alive, and will develop stories all of its own. You can absolutely get lost in the nemesis system for hours, without even touching the many other brilliant aspects of Shadow of Mordor. And for that, it gets the number two spot at $14.50AUD.

1. Dragon Age: Origins – $29.95

Dragon Age: Origins might be the quintessential Western RPG. It’s quality is akin to Skyrim, and there are hundreds of hours of story-telling, party building, head-chopping, and questing to be had within. The player can choose between a number of races to begin their story, and then a subsequent origin story based on their race and class will unfold. There are choices to be made throughout that will shape the rest of the game, and the sheer amount of content that Bioware has included in one game is staggering.

Between the different choices the player can make, the races, the classes, the party options, the different specializations the classes open, there are many, many play-throughs to be found in DAO. The beauty is, that each of those play-through will feel different than the last, and also build to your overall experience. Each play-through will unlock more specializations for the next!

That is without mentioning the lore, the quests and the story-telling. Dragon Age Origins has some of the best story elements in it’s class. There is lore to be found everywhere. Between side characters and NPCs, the books, the side-quests. There is as much story as you can handle, if you want to go looking for it. But, if you’re the type who likes to just enjoy the main quest and stick with the main plot line, you can absolutely do that too! But, the point is that the depth is there, and it is so deep, so well thought out and so, so lovingly crafted.

If you’re looking to lose hundreds of hours in pure fantasy classic that will stay with you forever, and force it’s way into your list of favorite games of all time, then grab Dragon Age: Origins for the low price of $29.95AUD and enjoy our number one pick.


That’s going to wrap things up for our five recommendations that you patient gamers out there to check out. If there’s a hidden gem out there that we’ve missed, make sure you leave us a comment on the blog or the YouTube channel and we’ll be sure to check it out – it might even make our next list!


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